Essential Figma Shortcuts: 10 Keys I Wish I'd Found Sooner

Jun 23, 2023Eugenia Sorgetti

A Love Letter to Figma and Shortcuts

Welcome, design enthusiasts and professionals alike! If you are in the design sphere, you've undoubtedly come across Figma. This cloud-based design tool has made our lives easier, facilitating seamless collaboration and bringing design to life. However, there's a secret to turning your Figma journey from good to great, a secret I wish I discovered earlier - shortcuts!

Using Figma without shortcuts is like trying to paint a masterpiece without using all your brushes; it's possible, but unnecessarily difficult. When you unlock the power of shortcuts, you unlock your full potential, fast-tracking your way to design proficiency. How do I know this? I've been there, and it was a game-changer. Let's dive in!

Decoding the Figma Shortcuts: A Designer’s Magic Wand

Think of Figma shortcuts as the magical incantations of the design world. They're the spells that you cast to speed up your workflow, streamline your process, and level up your design game. But what exactly are they?

In simple terms, Figma shortcuts are key combinations that trigger specific actions within the Figma application. They are your one-way ticket to bypassing the standard click navigation for common tasks, saving you precious time and boosting your productivity. What’s more? Figma has an extensive list of these, tailored to meet various design needs.

Let's not keep these magical spells a secret any longer. Here are ten Figma shortcuts that I wish I knew before I embarked on my design journey. Stay tuned!

Mastering Figma’s Power Moves: Shortcuts to Transform Your Design Workflow

Let's embark on this enlightening journey by highlighting ten Figma shortcuts I wish were part of my early design toolkit.

Surfing through Tabs

Browsing through your open tabs can be a pain, especially when you're juggling multiple designs. Here's a neat trick - simply use 'Ctrl + Tab' (or 'Cmd + Tab' on Mac) to easily shuffle through your tabs. An absolute time-saver that streamlines your Figma interface navigation!

Figma: shuffle through tabs

Scale Objects Like a Pro

Ever faced the struggle of trying to proportionally scale an object? Save your clicks and use the 'K' shortcut. This command is a lifesaver, helping you maintain the right proportions while resizing.

Figma: scaling objects with K shortcut

The Magic of Duplication

Imitating properties of one design element onto another has never been easier with 'Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + C/V'. It's like having a clone tool at your fingertips!

Copying properties in Figma

Nudge Objects with Precision

Shift your objects with accuracy using the 'Shift + Arrow keys'. This command provides a smoother, quicker way to place your objects precisely where you want them.

The Clarity of Outline View

Hidden details in your design can be easily unearthed by toggling to the outline view. Use 'Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + O' to gain a new perspective on your designs.

Outline view in Figma

Accessing Components, Plugins, and Widgets Menu

Forget the mouse and hit 'Shift + I' to open the components/plugins/widgets menu. This shortcut is a doorway to an array of features that can supercharge your design process.

Plugins menu

Rerunning Your Last Plugin

Use 'Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + P' to reapply the last plugin you used. It's a time-saver when you want to perform the same operation multiple times.

Zooming Effortlessly

Get the perfect bird's eye view of your design using 'Shift + 1'. It adjusts your canvas to fit into your available screen space, no scroll needed. Similarly, you can press 'Shift + 2' while an artboard is selected in order to zoom in.

Exporting Your Masterpieces

Send your designs to the world with 'Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + E'. This shortcut expedites the process of exporting your work, ready for presentation or feedback.

Effortless Renaming

No more click and wait to rename your layers! Use 'Ctrl/Cmd + R' to rename your layers quickly and keep your files organized.

Renaming layers in Figma

These powerful shortcuts are not just keys on a keyboard; they're a secret arsenal, your silent companions in the quest to create extraordinary designs. So start using them today and experience the magic yourself!

Personalizing Figma: Enhance Workflow with Figma’s Keyboard Support

It's important to clarify a common misconception about Figma - while it might not offer a built-in feature to personalize shortcuts, Figma does provide options to choose a keyboard layout from a selection of languages. This feature is especially beneficial for international teams and designers, allowing you to align the tool with your preferred keyboard layout.

While the idea of memorizing specific key combinations may seem daunting at first, it's an investment that pays off exponentially in terms of speed and efficiency. Over time, these shortcuts will become second nature, allowing you to navigate and manipulate your designs in Figma with ease and agility.

Moreover, always keep an eye on updates from Figma. The team continually refines and expands the tool's functionalities to better meet users' needs. And who knows? Customizable shortcuts might be on their future roadmap!

Beyond shortcuts, don’t forget about the myriad of plugins and tools Figma offers. These resources further enhance your productivity, offering solutions to complex design needs right within your workspace. Whether it's design linters, prototyping assistants, or animation creators, the right tools can significantly enhance your Figma experience.

Incorporating these shortcuts and tools into your daily design routine empowers you to focus on what truly matters - creating outstanding designs. After all, Figma is about less fuss and more fun.

The Art of Efficiency: Unleashing the Full Potential of Figma

In conclusion, Figma shortcuts are powerful tools that can significantly boost your design efficiency and workflow. Mastering these key combinations might seem like a daunting task at first, but as you start incorporating them into your routine, they become an indispensable part of your design toolkit.

While this blog post provided a deep dive into Figma shortcuts, don't forget there's an entire universe of Figma knowledge waiting to be discovered! If you wish to delve deeper into the realm of Figma, here are five more articles to fuel your journey:

Your journey with Figma is bound to be an exciting one. So, explore these shortcuts and resources, and take your designs from good to great.

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