About us

We thoughtfully design meaningful products

We are a multidisciplinary team passionate about building startups.

We believe that design should be more accessible, and we are rethinking how to make it work for startups.

After building our own startups, consulting for others, working with many YC graduates and getting bored with enterprise companies like Mercedes-Benz—we have a pretty strong opinion :)

We choose to work with companies we feel passionate about. Companies that value design and have a mission that aligns with what we believe.

We have real conversations, operate with transparency, communicate honestly and professionally, and generally act like an awesome human being :)

When you work with us, you talk directly to the strategist, the maker, the doer. We’ll become a part of your team, and our primary focus is what is best for you.

Our values

  • Embrace First Principles

    We go into each project without assumptions. By questioning with an open mind, we’re able to break things down to fundamentals, and build from there.

  • Pursue meaning in all things

    We are our best selves when we do work that gets us closer to achieving our purpose.

  • Speed matters. Take (calculated) risks.

    Speed matters in business. Quick iterations are often more valuable than a prolonged, stagnant deliberation.

Meet the team

  • Dianne Eberhardt

    Co-founder and Creative Director

  • Alex Prioni


  • Federico Marson

    Product Designer

  • Ana Delcid

    Product designer

  • Gastón Lasarte

    Senior Product Designer

  • Samantha Truong

    Product Designer

  • Eric Ramirez

    Product Designer

  • Juan Cereigido

    Head Of New Business

  • Mikenzi Ross


  • Delfina Bertolotti

    Product Designer

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