The Master tips for Black Friday Design 2022

Oct 14, 2022Felipe Alvarez

Black Friday has its roots in the 1800s. Nowadays, it's a date everybody expects. Black Friday 2022 is just around the corner. There's no doubt that, as customers, we all save up some cash and shop on this certain date. But business owners and designers must also see this date as an opportunity of exploiting their marketing campaigns in order to increase sales. That's why today we will be talking about the best tips to master Black Friday design.

The best Black Friday Design Tips

1. Choose the right colors

What is a Black Friday advertisement without any black? It's not just about black. You can also use colors to express the vibe of hurry associated with Black Friday as well as the enthusiasm, excitement, and adrenaline. What colors come to mind that scream "excitement" and "enthusiasm"? orange, purple, red...

Black is ideal because it has a strong character while still blending in with most hues. So you don't have to be concerned about the color clashing with your brand colors while using it in your Black Friday 2022 advertisements.

You must keep it pretty simple. Maybe stay with black and your brand colors.

2. Use videos

It was noted that by 2020, Black Friday social media participation has increased by 968.5% year over year. And most brands want participation, particularly for their social media initiatives. Therefore, it is a smart idea to provide compelling content at the time of year when social media activity is likely to rise. The employment of well-designed ad videos might be the way to achieve this.

Every one of your rivals will be working hard designing their Black Friday 2022 ads. You do not want your posts to get lost in the crowd of many other Black Friday posts. Videos are a fantastic way to be noticed.

Spending cash and time on video sessions is not even necessary. You may communicate your point by using short animated videos.

You can stick with black and other festive-themed colors when making videos. It all comes down to communicating the urgency and inspiring your customers to act.

Animated videos are simple and powerful. To develop films for your Black Friday design promotions, you only need clear product pictures, fluid transitions, and an uncluttered structure.

3. Wisely select the typography

Typography plays just as big of a part in design as colors do. Every component of typography, from the typeface you select to the structure, can either enhance or damage the vibe of a design.

Black Friday is purely a festival of shopping, unlike other events where shopping is only a small part of the festivity. Therefore, you cannot accept ad designs that are overly simple and uninteresting. The typography should captivate the customers' passion. It ought to raise interest. Bold and loud fonts are necessary. However, you also can't stray too far from your brand's fonts.

Search for fonts from the same family as the ones used for your brand. Something distinctive but still related to your brand typeface. To master the font combinations, check out this post.

4. Lead to CTA

The message must be effectively communicated in a good advertisement. A powerful one motivates action. A good Black Friday design requires a strong advertisement. A CTA is the most important component of your design for this occasion. You need a clear call to action, whether it be via a flier promoting your Black Friday in-store discounts, a Facebook ad, or a web banner ad. If not, how will your consumer proceed with the purchase process and know what step to take or what to do next?

You will notice that many brands publish greetings, announcements, and other things just around Festivities and Black Friday. Customers are immediately alerted that this post demands their attention thanks to a prominent CTA on the image.

5. Take advantage of visuals

For videos or image posts, you need strong material to get attention. Even posts with only text can be made intriguing. However, nothing compares to using visuals. It can help to include lifestyle or product photographs of the goods or services you want to promote.

In 2020, mobile devices accounted for 25.3% of internet purchases. Mobile commerce has also steadily increased. Text is inferior to images and less appealing, especially on mobile devices. As a result, use visuals to convey your Black Friday article's key points rather than adding more lines of text to the copy. This holds for both the engaging articles and promotional content you produce to take advantage of the higher engagement rates throughout the holiday season.

It's crucial to come up with something distinctive on days like Black Friday to capture customers' attention. Avoid using generic photos and clichéd layouts in your postings. Use photographs of actual products. If using standard pieces is necessary, add your brand's touch to create a catchy Black Friday post that attracts attention.

6. Keep it on-brand

And while you concentrate on all other design elements, there is one that you must not overlook: brand alignment. Yes, Black Friday has become a worldwide craze for shopping, and practically all of the brands you are familiar with launch promotions during this period. However, that does not imply that you should stick with repetitive concepts and layouts. Discover what is most effective for your brand.

Your brand's personality should be reflected in everything from the visual style to the color combinations, typefaces, font styling, text, and the overall impression and vibe of the design


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Bonus tip

Now that we have been through the fundamentals of Black Friday design, it's time for a useful trick. As business owners, designers, and others; we need constant inspiration to have the best products. There are plenty of blogs with various Black Friday 2022 templates and ideas. You should also check out Behance, here you will find trendy and fresh projects made by other designers that will keep your creativity flowing. You can also observe that the top design templates will have the elements mentioned in this post, that's why you must keep every recommendation in mind.

Final thoughts

We already know that Black Friday 2022 will not only be a great date for customers but also for designers and business owners. To boost your sales, consider the tips stated in this post, this will certainly help your marketing campaign and make a solid Black Friday design appearance.

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