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What is Teams Design? Learn useful tips while collaborating with your group

Teams' design starts with having the right tools. What tools would you use when collaborating with your teams that also work well with designing?

Floyd FlinnJun 23, 2022

Teams' design starts with having the right tools. What tools would you use when collaborating with your teams that also work well with designing?

What is collaborative design?

Canto explains collaborative design as "a process that brings together different ideas, roles, and team members. Collaborative design is a multi-staged user experience process that involves planning and strategy developed by user feedback." This means putting many brains and steps into designing one thing and then arriving at the best design possible to impress your customer.

Why do you need design collaboration tools?

Here are a few reasons why having good quality design collaboration tools is a must, especially if your team is remote:

  1. First, you must have clear and effective communication.
  2. Design collaboration tools are a superior alternative to emails.
  3. Discussions over design iterations are much more accessible, and you end up not wasting time with meetings and the hassle of scheduling them.
  4. It is easy to track the progress while maintaining versions of your designs.
  5. Much easier to prioritize tasks.
  6. This avoids conversations and provides a much more precise way to know which task is assigned.
  7. You can get an increase in productivity, reduced back and forth communication, and keeping the tasks and progress transparent increases your overall productivity.

Collaboration Tools for your Teams

  1. Figma: One of my all-time favorites, Figma does an excellent job with design as it allows all people involved to own a part of the design, and everyone can see what is happening throughout the process. Anytime a designer changes the Figma platform, it gets saved to the cloud for everyone to see.
  2. Mockplus: Mockplus is a cloud-based prototyping tool developers use to build prototypes and wireframes. Mockplus lets users finish a screen design quickly with its pre-built components, icons, and drag-and-drop functionalities.
  3. Vectorly: Vectorly facilitates the process of building engaged and productive teams. Vectorly lets you develop skills, share knowledge, understand skill gaps, and do continuous reviews, so it paints a complete picture of your team's skills.
  4. InVision: InVision has a product suite consisting of 3 apps - Cloud, DSM, and Studio; InVision simplifies end-to-end designing.
  5. Bluescape: Bluescape offers secure visual collaboration for the enterprise. Virtual workspaces also enable remote workers to whiteboard online and present and review work from any room, device, anywhere in the world.

If you compare Figma to Mockplus, reviewers felt that Figma meets the needs of their business better than Mockplus. When comparing the quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Figma is the preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers liked the direction of Figma over Mockplus.

There is a long list of beautiful tools for design; we just named a few of our favorites.

teams design

What are some of the communication tools that are used in design?

Many designers and businesses, in general, use Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate messaging app for your organization—a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication that allows messaging and video conferences. Meetings, file, and app sharing are also part of the package, and if you like emojis, Teams has a wide variety of them to play around with.

Slack is another fantastic communication tool widely used in design and businesses. Slack is more user-friendly, and file sharing is just a drag-and-drop function. Slack is also used for messaging, but the overall functionality is much more user-friendly than Teams. Slack is even more secure than email.

teams design

Zoom is also another great way of collaborating with your teams using video. Zoom's in-meeting product features allow you to add such things as annotations on your screen during video calls—a tool for teams working remotely to brainstorm and collaborate quickly. Meeting participants can also add annotations while screen sharing as a viewer or the one that started sharing their screen. One thing nice is that you can use annotation tools when sharing or viewing a whiteboard.

zoom reactions

In general, we have learned that collaborating with your teams can be very easy to do with the right design and communication tools. You can save both time and money while designing.

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