How TDP refreshed Streamzy’s hierarchy of information and transformed users’ movie-matching experience for the better


Streamzy streamlines the home theater experience by matching users to films that meet their personal viewing habits. To better serve their users, Streamzy’s UX needed to evolve. They sought a cost-effective solution that would deliver innovation, efficiency, and (most importantly) results! And they found all that, and more, with The Design Project.

In just 1 month, we helped Streamzy perfect its UX and revolutionize family movie night for the better!



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Customer challenge

With its intuitive movie-matching technology that considers the user’s specific viewing habits, Streamzy makes it fast and easy to find movies and TV shows from one central platform.

About the challenge

Streamzy's main challenge was that users needed more information about the app's features and easier access to performing actions. Our goal was to improve the hierarchy of information to help users maximize Streamzy’s movie-matching feature, which means, help users spend more time relaxing with loved ones and less time trying to figure out what to watch on family movie night.

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Our subscription-based model, and human-first design strategies aligned perfectly with Streamzy’s goals and budget. Streamzy knew The Design Project could help them reach their goals thanks to our history of functional and accessible UX design. We applied our decades of knowledge, in-depth research, and rigorous testing to create a UX flow that enhanced both guest and member user experiences.

Studied the user and their specific needs

We defined user expectations and lowered friction by identifying where user flows hit turbulence and simplifying task completion wherever possible.

Improve clarity, flow, and consistency

We fine-tuned the pre-existing platform with an enhanced hierarchy of information that made it easier to navigate.

Efficient processes = effortless experiences

With continuously tested and refined project management processes, TDP delivered the redesign in just 1 month.


Thanks to continuous and clear communication, progress remained consistent and effective, resulting in an onboarding experience that helped new users take advantage of Streamzy’s unique film-finding features. All of this came together as a fresh and intuitive navigation experience that Streamzy users loved—with all the brainstorming, designing, testing, and final delivery achieved in just 1 month!

TDP’s UX enhancements improved Streamzy’s brand cohesion, reputation, and user satisfaction

“I really enjoyed working with the designers from The Design Project. I was impressed with their methodical approach to reviewing my app, and identifying the features that needed the most help. The designs they created were fantastic, and I appreciated the time they spent thinking through how my users will actually use the features we're building. Overall, I was very pleased with TDP and I'm looking forward to working with them again.”

John Pickett

Founder of Streamzy

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