Helping the next generation of gamers leverage blockchain benefits.


SOUQ blends tools, smart contracts, recipes, and built-in economy analytics to simplify and incorporate NFTs, Tokens, and Rewards into game mechanics. They enlisted The Design Project to create core features for the Beta launch of their Economy Management software.

TDP’s Beta Design Helped SOUQ Raise $3.3M In Funding



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Customer challenge

Their background: Economy management software for web3.0 game creators. Their mission: Help the next generation of games leverage blockchain benefits. - Raised $3.3M - Top investor: Kickstart, IVC, Operate, Moon Holdings, Ellipti Ventures

About the challenge

SOUQ wanted to build an intuitive and user-friendly product—but needed experts to blend form into function. The goal was to improve the platform UI so game NFT/FT owners could more easily monitor game assets and track their (value and quantity) to analyze invest. Also, SOUQ wanted to help users recognize the risks present due to my portfolio composition

  • Location

    New York

  • Plan


  • Investors



TDP had the XP with customer-facing apps to build a Beta that would score with SOUQ’s investors The Design Project’s expertise in developing consumer-facing apps meant we were the ideal team to bring SOUQ’s ambitious Beta to life. Our experience transforming complex and data-heavy dashboards into user-friendly products meant we knew exactly how to convey the insights that mattered to SOUQ’s customers—without overwhelming them.

Ready to launch Beta

We helped SOUQ launch their Beta product and enhance the product’s original design.

Complex into comprehensible

We designed a product that effectively displayed end-users’ NFTs/FTs portfolio performance at glance.

Improve app design

We helped solve long-term problems by designing an intuitive and digestible UI.


TDP’s deep understanding of customer-facing products helped SOUQ design a high-fidelity Beta that solved user issues and provided powerful analytics. We tackled this project by re-factoring the UI components library, adding animations, and creating a personalized UI library that made the product easier to navigate, and run smoothly under the hood. SOUQ’s TDP-designed Beta displayed all the necessary data in one digestable dashboard, quickly giving users the info they need regarding their NFTs/FTs. This insight helped them better anazlyze their assets, which then helped them make better investment decisions. Additionally, one of our (and investors) favorite aspects of this project is the dystopic look and feel we created, which we complemented with eye-catching animations that drew users deeper and deeper into the app.

TDP helped SOUQ develop a powerful Beta that raised $3.3M in funding!

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