Sojourn is revolutionizing the grocery shopping experience with Augmented Reality technology


With an exciting idea to make grocery shopping more convenient, Sojourn wanted to develop a prototype of their Augmented Reality product to wow investors. They also wanted it to integrate with mobile apps so it was more functional and user-friendly—but knew they couldn’t tackle these innovative ambitions alone.

TDP helped Sojourn develop a powerful AR shopping product that their investors loved

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Customer challenge

Sojourn offers a point-cloud localization system that enables precision delivery. Their product ensures better delivery experiences by providing pinpoint customer delivery data to couriers—be they human or robotic.

About the challenge

Sojourn didn’t have an in-house design team, and wasn’t planning on building one for the foreseeable future. But they knew they needed experts who could take this unique challenge and transform it into an effective and engaging user experience.

  • Location

    Portland, USA

  • Plan


  • Investors




Our dedicated designer effortlessly adapted to their internal processes and took ownership of the project.

Bias for Action

We prioritized momentum, since we knew that quick but strategic iterations could yield better results than long-winded deliberations.


We observed and applied key inputs that delivered trackable results quickly and consistently.


With optimized processes and an adaptable team—Sojourn had an incredible prototype to share with investors'

TDP helped Sojourn develop a powerful AR shopping product that their investors loved

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