How The Design Project blended passion and planning into a better onboarding experience for the NextGem card collecting app


NextGem is a platform for passionate card experts and enthusiasts to share and celebrate their prized collections. Learn how we divided and conquered to create a clearer onboarding and account creation experience that helped every user get the most out of the mobile app.

How The Design Project blended passion and planning into a better onboarding experience for the NextGem card collecting app

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Customer challenge

NextGem is a passion-driven marketplace and social network specifically created for sports card hobbyists, collectors, and investors.

About the challenge

While the app offered a suite of tools developed specifically to enhance the card sharing experience, users didn’t quite understand how to use them. Some of the challenges users faced while using the app were: declining app sign-ups due to a confusing UX and they didn't know how to finish setting up their accounts. Users needed a simplified but informative onboarding experience.

  • Location

    Minnesota, USA

  • Plan



While they understood the value of UX, NextGem didn’t have an in-house design team (and didn’t plan on building one for the foreseeable future). They needed independent experts who could transform their challenges into engaging growth opportunities. TDP had the passion they wanted, and the expertise to eliminate friction and enhance the overall app experience. Here’s how we did it…

The courage to experiment

User feedback is crucial in UX, and we’re not afraid to test innovative concepts and let the users tell us exactly what they think of them.

The expertise to back our bravery

While experimentation is part of the process, we use decades of expertise to uncover the strategies that get the best results for our clients.

Passion, passion—and more passion

While we could never love your product as much as you do… we still love it a lot. That means we care about your goals—and we’ll do what it takes to help you achieve them.


Our research showed that the best approach was to user-test a prototype before any building took place. To maximize success and efficiency, we divided the project into three main parts: 1. Create a clear app preview so users understood NextGem’s layout 2. Make the sign-up process faster and easier 3. Eliminate confusion with a tutorial guiding users on how to set up their account This division meant we could design, test, and perfect each element quickly—allowing us to hand over the revitalized UX in just 2 months! Now NextGem users enjoy an intuitive onboarding experience that empowers and inspires them to share their collection more easily than ever before.

TDP designed and built NextGem’s improved user experience in just 2 months!

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