Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a data reliability platform that alerts users of inaccurate or missing data


In lieu of data engineers being unsure of how well their MC monitors detected inaccurate or missing data, Monte Carlo wanted to redesign their product to improve user engagement and customer satisfaction.

TDP helped Monte Carlo increase engagement with a better onboarding experience



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Customer challenge

Monte Carlo is a data reliability platform that uses machine learning to automate the process of detecting issues and anomalies in databases.
 - Raised $135M in Series D - Top investor: Accel

About the challenge

Users struggled to understand insights or customize their monitors Decreased user engagement, due to confusion, meant users weren’t seeing the value Monte Carlo provided Strained resource brandwidth due to helping users manually track data

  • Location

    New York, USA

  • Plan



Monte Carlo knew they needed a fresh perspective to help them tackle the challenge of summarizing complex data into digestible and actionable insight. Our streamlined processes and user-focused strategies meant we could look past the product’s complexity and apply human-centered design practices to improve the flow. With our help, Monte Carlo could create a user-friendly experience that empowered users with information and advanced options to monitor complex data more easily.

Immediate results

Using a human-centric approach helped us quickly understand how to create the most effective experience for Monte Carlo’s unique user base.

User-first design

We helped Monte Carlo respond to user feedback with an optimized experience that kept customers happy and engaged.

Fresh perspectives

Our outside perspective and expertise allowed us to identify opportunities for improvement and offer alternative solutions to create a unified product.


Data-backed processes and expertise helped Monte Caro provide users with actionable insights, and a simplified customer navigation experience. With a touch of The Design Project, Monte Carlo’s incredible team developed and executed a strategy that focused on providing actionable insights that taught users how to customize their monitors.

After implementing TDP’s redesign, Monte Carlo saw an immediate improvement in user engagement

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