How TDP’s informative and engaging tutorial made measuring brain health easier in augmented reality (AR) assessment


With our knack for turning complicated data into minimalist fine art, The Design Project developed an engaging tutorial that helped users navigate and enjoy Altoida’s brain health assessment tool.

The Design Project created a simplified walk-through that Altoida users of every skill level could follow



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Customer challenge

Altoida is building the world's leading platform to accelerate and improve drug development, research, and care for those suffering from neurological diseases. They achieve this by capturing data with a standard smartphone or tablet to track brain health. Through carefully designed augmented reality (AR) activities, Altoida provides a cognitive assessment that measures brain health in 10 minutes.

About the challenge

Altoida wanted to help their users learn about, and take care of, their minds. They offered a 10-minute assessment to test brain health, but users struggled to understand the exercises due unclear instructions. This caused abandonment rates to skyrocket. Our main goal was to simplify the process, so all users could understand how to use the product. And, also, increase user motivation and engagement through the assessment.

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Altoida had an in-house design team, but desired guidance on improving the UX/UI of their product. They needed a reliable partner who listened to them—and that’s what we do best… We started (as with all projects) by studying Altoida from top to bottom, ensuring every step of the design process aligned with their branding guidelines and dev patterns. TDP’s designated designer then worked closely with Altoida’s in-house devs and designers to maintain consistency and efficiency.

Simplification is key

As with most things, simple is better. So we focused on eliminating as much friction and fluff as possible with improvements to the hierarchy of information and accessibility. This allowed Altoida to reduce user frustration and get straight to fun brain-measuring activities.

Immerse ourselves in AR

We listened and learned about Altoida’s team, allowing us to integrate our processes seamlessly into their workflow. This meant we could adapt our strategies, ensure consistent progress, and keep everything moving toward the same goal.

Using proven processes that eliminate friction

We never guess. We test and refine. That includes our own project management processes. Because our methods are honed from years of research and experimentation, TDP completed the finished project in just 1 month!


We made learning complex activities (like AR) easier and more enjoyable. We Improved user motivation by creating a friendly mascot that instructed and encouraged users with motivational dialog. We added progress indicators (gamification) which made the user experience more fun and engaging. As Altoida demonstrates, whether it’s on your desktop or in virtual reality, great user experiences are key to a successful product.

The Design Project’s tutorial design helped Altoida users feel safe and guided through the entire assessment experience

“Working with TDP was an awesome experience. The team was professional, friendly, and did an amazing job communicating. They were up-front about their process and timeline and worked well with our team to achieve the goals we set while effectively implementing feedback and providing professional insight. We were super happy with the work they provided from both a visual standpoint and a UX perspective.”


Designer at Altoida

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