4 Ways Sketching is important in UX Design

Jan 28, 2023Adam Lamin

Sketching is the process of rapidly translating ideas into something tangible. Whether they're drawn with pen and paper or done digitally, sketches effectively communicate user interfaces cheaply and efficiently, regardless of how pretty they are. There are several advantages to sketching in UX.


Even with a few lines and basic shapes, a sketch can be very expressive, establishing a key concept or showing motion & emotion.

Lo-Fi App Sketches
Source: Arden Hanna

Save Time & Money

Sketching is faster than creating mockups or prototypes, communicating ideas visually without the need for extra details.

Source: Anastasia Kas

Explore Alternatives

Sketching with minimal detail can allow for rapid ideation without getting too attached to one idea.

7 reasons for sketching in UX design
Source: Chris Spalton

Test Early

It's important to validate your designs early in the process. Keeping your sketches simple allows users to test a prototype's functionality without getting distracted by extra details like colors or fonts.

Source: Martha Eierdanz

Refine Ideas

Finally, consider how users' feedback can be incorporated into the next phase of the design. Did users find your sketches unclear? Are there any other problems that should be addressed before incorporating more details?


In conclusion, sketches are an efficient way to communicate concepts and ideas in UX, allowing for rapid ideation and meaningful feedback.

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