7 typical UX interview questions and how to master them

Jun 29, 2022Santiago Alvarez Tocalli

Are you going through a UX job interview? Do you wonder what questions they might ask you? In this post, we will discuss some of the typical topics they might ask you and how to master them. Remember that every job interview is a personal and different process, and there is not only one way to do it.

What UX is

First of all (and a question they will ask you in the UX job interview) is knowing what UX design is. In a previous post of The Design Project, we talked about the importance of UX design where we made the following definition:

UX is short for user experience; as we can imagine, it embraces the whole process of thinking and designing how you can provide the user with the best experience possible.

UX design is creating products that will provide a relevant and valuable experience to the user. Design, branding, usability, accessibility, and functionality are some aspects that are involved in this process. More straightforwardly, UX is how the user feels about the product.

7 typical UX interview questions

  • What is UX design?

It may sound obvious, but the first question they will probably ask you is what you understand about UX design. Here they want to know what you know about the role you are applying for and if you know its importance of it. Do not just give a dictionary definition; try talking about the value UX design can add to a business.

  • Tell me about yourself.

An inevitable question not only in a UX interview but in almost every job interview. This question is essential because you can explain your background, abilities, ambitions, skills, and other aspects that make you the right pick for the job.

  • Do you remember any good UX design examples?

Practical intelligence. Talking about some good UX design examples is how the interviewer has to know about your criteria. Thinking of some good examples and justifications will help you provide a good answer.

  • How would you improve our UX design?

Kind of an uncomfortable question because you never know how many critics they can tolerate. It is important to provide constructive criticism but always approach a viable solution to show good predisposition.

  • How do you handle negative feedback?

Such as they want you to be honest with them and point out their failures, they are expecting the same from you. In jobs where you are constantly creating something, negative feedback will appear sooner than later, so positively handling them can be essential for a correct workflow.

  • Where do you find inspiration?

This can be a typical but entirely unexpected question in a UX job interview: maybe you had talked about it when you were talking about yourself but knowing how designers get inspired is a good way of knowing the method they will use while working.

  • Tell me about your most and least successful UX design project

Humans are their success and their failures. Recognizing both of them and self-criticism is vital to improving future projects.

The importance of showing genuine

Those are some classic questions they might ask you if you apply to a UX design job. Every recruiting process is different, and questions will be too, so do not stand just with these.

The best thing you can do in a UX job interview is to be genuine, show how you are, and let the interviewer know your skills. In design jobs, personality and abilities get involved daily, so being honest with your team is important to have a fluent work dynamic.

Final thoughts

It is impossible to find a perfect list of what questions they will ask you in a UX job interview because it will be different and personal every time. In this article, we talked about some of the most typical topics that they might ask you about so you can have an idea of how the process can be. It is pointless memorizing these questions because most of them are very personal, in which there are no correct or incorrect answers. Being genuine and letting the interviewer know your working style is the best way of finding the perfect job for you.

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