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Nov 18, 2022Martín Etchegoyen

Whether you run a B2B or B2C business, UX and UI are essential components of any software business. This blog will help these people and also we provide valuable information on UX design for startups.

When we hear the word design, we think of creativity or some creative role, in which someone crafts and designs something awesome. However, there is a thing with UX design that makes us understand that only aesthetically good designs will not make for a functional interface. A fine user designer makes great user research. When a design is combined with essential rules and principles, then a better user experience and brand trust are the results.

UX Design

There is an immense amount of proliferation of digital products in the current world, especially for start-ups or new companies. There is a huge focus on providing the end-users the best experience, which is why there is a focus on web or mobile UI/UX design principles and best practices now. Also lately there is a focus and comparison between Android vs iOS app UI design. This blog will go into detail about the UX basics for any startup to understand easily.

What is UX Design

It does not matter if your startup has the best software product idea in the world because if the user does not enjoy using it or finds it complicated to learn, they will not use it for long.  This article is for startup founders, especially non-technical founders, who plan on developing a software product. Your startup may have a development team and you need to understand them when they talk about designing the product with the user in mind.

UX Design Tools

Alternatively, your startup may outsource or subcontract the work, and you are trying to make sure the project runs smoothly as the two groups connect design and functionality. If your startup is hiring or contracting a development team, make sure you understand what UX and UI design elements are. This will help your startup better explain the product’s design, preventing multiple cycles of design revision due to a lack of UX suitability.

6 UX Design Principles

In this section, we will discuss the main principles of UX design for startups so you can implement them into your work.

1. Know your status in the design process

If you have a new UX designer then the design process seems overwhelming. You must know what role you play in the design process. During each phase make sure that the designers use different tools and know the UX design process. This helps to solve queries and also be more creative with the tasks. For example, there is no use in testing the color of a button if the team is still unclear about its placement in the design.

2. Meet the user's needs

When you have a startup or are thinking of having one, then the first thing that comes to mind is to make sure that the user needs are met. One of the essential principles of UX Design strategy is to focus on their users throughout the web or mobile app design process. The user experience makes it quite clear if your design needs improvement or not. Therefore, one needs to learn what their users are looking for and create content accordingly. It might be possible that a design that looks appealing to the company does not seem likable to the users.  

3. Have a clear hierarchy

The principles of UX design guarantee the implementation of smooth navigation through the hierarchy of the design. The primary hierarchy is the one that organizes content or information throughout the design. On the other side, the secondary hierarchy lets you hover into a sub-category of content, taking you deep into the app or site.

4. Understand the accessibility

One of the essential rules of UX design is that you need to keep design and accessibility at the back of your mind. To quote, the designer’s responsibility is to ensure that the maximum number of people possibly use the design. Plus, it means that the UX design should be used by people featuring some disabilities too. To make this work, as a designer, one needs to ensure that there are no major obstacles.

5. Consistency is the key

The users are likely to expect products that share some common interest and are often used. It makes it easy for users to get familiar with the new merchandise without spending the extra money to learn it. This might sound contradicting, but the more familiar the users are with your design, the more efficiently they can grasp it and enhance the user experience too. Thus, for startups and even big businesses, consistency is the key that makes the UX design process simple for designers as they do not need to create any new wheel every time they are likely to start a new project.

6. Balance consistency and discoverability

Your business is new, so you probably do not have much room for experiments. Here comes, one of the important UX principles that are consistency. Users like products that are somewhat similar to their other used products. This makes it simpler for them to use the product with ease as it is already familiar to them. This also proves easy for designers to get creative with similar products. One example can be shopping sites. We can see the big images and a small description below the image. This type of content is mostly used by eCommerce websites, as it is easy to use and present to the users.

Final Thoughts

This information on UX design for startups is valuable and applicable to any business model that involves this type of design. This information can mean the difference between getting stuck on the average UX work or being excellent at it and being able to stand out from the crowds.

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