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Dec 5, 2022Martín Etchegoyen

When it comes to finding the right UI/UX agency, there are a few things to consider. The first is the size of the agency. Some smaller agencies can provide a higher level of service than larger ones, but they may not have the resources to handle complex projects. It is no secret that user satisfaction plays a large part in your success. Users will begin judging you and your business from the moment they enter your website. Without UX design, you will have a hard time staying competitive with other companies that prioritize user experience.

Unless you have a dedicated UX design department, you are going to need to hire a UX agency. Getting high-quality results from a professional design studio will come at a cost, but the most reliable agencies will pay for themselves. This blog will tell you how to find an excellent agency for your startup.

How to Choose the Right UX Agency

Potential customers will first get acquainted with your products or services from the design of your website. UX design can affect your company's appearance and reputation, but a top-quality UX agency can help you take your brand to the next level. All of the top user experience designers you should pick for your startup will rank positively in the following criteria.


1. Study Portfolios and Experience

When your agency of choice passes the testimonial and review test, examine the company's portfolio and experience. It is likely the UX agency you are researching produces great work, but it may not be to your tastes. At the same time, a beautifully designed project does not equal a positive user experience for your clients, so you’ll need to consider more than just looks. While looking at the design agency's portfolio, ask yourself the following questions.

Are their designs high-quality? An agency may hide the quality of its work by showing who it worked for and not what they created. Not only is this a massive red flag, but you also cannot form an opinion on the type of quality they offer. If the agency offers an interactive and transparent portfolio, that is a good sign.

Do they mention their research methodology? UX designers cannot offer the best user experience unless they research their clients' user base. In the end, you are hiring an agency to improve your metrics, and a high user experience can accomplish this. Your chosen agency should be clear about how they achieve this goal.

Are their past projects live websites or concepts? Online UX design portfolios should include live websites that you can explore and interact with. If a company still uses the agency's design, it probably shines in the UX department. However, if a portfolio consists of concept images, it’s unlikely user experience played a role in its design.

Does the agency have a theme or niche? Some UX agencies will appeal to a specific crowd and only show examples in their portfolio that attract a niche. An agency may also design within a specific theme or art style. If you ask the UX agency to design something beyond their expertise, they probably won’t deliver the best results.

2. Look Up Their Social Media Pages

Social media can tell you a lot about how a company brands itself. Agencies understand the importance of social platforms and will want to present themselves in a positive light. Although you are not hiring a UX agency for a social profile overhaul, you still need to pay attention to how they use color and size to draw an audience. UX design can transfer effortlessly to social media.

Do not just look at the company's visual appearance. Go through their posts and see how they communicate with their followers. Check how quickly they respond to feedback. Agencies that cannot take criticism on social media will not listen to you if you are unhappy or ask for changes.

3. Testimonials and Reviews

Start researching agencies by searching for UX design agencies in your area. An agency with a decent marketing budget will appear at the top of the search engine, followed by the company's reviews and testimonials. Browse Google Reviews and their business website for clues.

Any UX agency worth its salt will have a business profile on Awwwards, Clutch, and Goodfirms because they provide verified information on their users. Linkedin can be a good resource, but it is easier to fake information on this website. If you choose to use Linkedin specifically, ask past and current employees or clients if they would work with or for the design agency again.

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4. Get Familiar With Workflow and the Design Process

User design has a sequence and logic to it that the agency should explain to you if asked. A UX agency should tell you what to expect, but some agencies will hide the process if they jump straight to the solution stage. Any agency that does this will provide low-quality services because they will not have enough information to find the correct solution to your problems.

The best UX agencies will research your user persona first before the testing stage. Agencies need to know who their target audience is before they can address why they are unhappy. After finding the problem, a UX designer will devise a strategy, an objective, and possible features that could result in a more effective solution for the client and their users.

5. Inquire About Their Service Scope

While researching, you may have noticed that some design agencies also off UI design. User interface designers focus more on looks and style, while user experience designers pay attention to usability and function. Choose a design agency that offers both because they can help you with branding and growth strategies, content creation, and business development.

Final Thoughts

This information will help you choose the right UX agency for your project. Now is up to you to implement it and find the agency that best fits you and your work.

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