The Ultimate Modern Logo Guide

Jul 22, 2022Santiago Alvarez Tocalli

Modern logos are everywhere and simplicity seems to be the only answer. There are some important advantages of choosing a modern logo nowadays and it is almost a requirement if you are starting a business that needs to figure on the internet.

The election to use a modern logo can be crucial for your company's branding, but do you even know what a modern logo is? Let's talk about how a modern logo is created and which advantages can provide us.

This article will show the modern logo components, their main characteristics and advantages, and some popular design styles with examples. If you want to know more about modern logos, keep on reading.

The modern logo components


One of the main characteristics of modern logos is the tendency to use bold colors in combination with black and white. In most cases, the color pallet will be of no more than 2 colors, which will allow you to create a cleaner impression of it. When using a larger amount of colors, reducing the other logo elements will also work if trying to create that same effect.


Keep it simple. If we are talking about modern logos we are referring to simple creations without too many features and avoiding anything too busy. This decision goes after the same objective as the one of having a few colors: a clean impression.

Also, modern logos have many places where you can use them, either physically or digitally. Keeping it simple will allow you to adapt it in a better way for any of those options. If your logo is too crowded you will have problems when you reduce its size for social networks or other applications.


Although you can definitely use Serif or Sans Serif fonts for creating a modern logo, the second option is the most popular in these cases.

Sans Serif fonts are distinguishable for the clean lines with no swoops or complex details, creating a clean reed and look. Lines tend to be thin in the typography of modern logos.


In search of simplicity, many designers tend to avoid symbols when creating a modern logo. Just letters or the initials of the name can be the logo itself.

If the designer decides to include symbols, te¡hese are going to be very simple and basic geometric shapes to avoid creating an overloaded logo. Squares, circles, and triangles are very popular in the creation of a modern logo.

Modern logo design styles

The domain of minimalism

Minimalism and modern logo are two terms that walk together. In the search for simplicity, using minimalist designs is almost a guarantee, and that is why we can see many companies logos that have few elements on them.

With just a couple of elements and respecting the basis of minimalism design, a very good, memorable, and descriptive logo can be created. This is an excellent way of ensuring that your logo will not have an excess of information that can prejudice you when you change it to size for different purposes.

Let's see an example of how the minimalist works on modern logos:

Uber logo
Uber logo. Minimalism at its finest

Positive-negative spaces

A positive-negative space is a way to show something that is not really there, and modern logos use this technique a lot.

Using the combination of positive and negative space, the designer will be able to create a simple image that can create an excellent modern logo. With this technique is `pretty sure you will end up with a simple and clean design because you are not involving tons of elements to create a figure.

Let's see an example of how positive-negative spaces work on modern logos:

Baby Sleep Safe logo.
Can you see the moon and the baby's face?

Create from geometry

Modern logos and simple creations with geometrical elements sound good. Many designers use abstract elements and when combining them create a representative element of the brand. With this, a simple, clean but communicative logo can be created.

Let's see an example of how creations from geometry work on modern logos:

Olympics logo.
Just some circles, but combined we all know what they mean.

Final thoughts

Keep it simple. That three words represent the soul of modern logos.

There are many techniques and ways of creating modern logos, but they all try to achieve the same thing: create a clear and clean image capable of replicating in multiple formats.

Modern logos came to stay. They are not only nice and good-looking but they also offer important advantages that with other kinds of logos you will not be able to have.

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