The latest Graphic Design Trends on 2022

Sep 26, 2022Felipe Alvarez

We live in a world of constant change. Trends change as time flies. For graphic designers, this can be a big pain in the head, but with this guide, you'll learn how to take advantage of it and have unique and better designs. Find out which are the last graphic design trends in 2022.

As in any industry, professionals must stay up to date with the latest trending elements. Especially in design industries, think about clothing designers, they have to constantly update their knowledge of fashion. A graphic designer that stays up to date with graphic design trends will have an advantage over those that only have the information acquired in college or work experience. By constantly gathering new information, you'll be having much better and fresh results. Innovation is key to having new customers. After all, clients will look for a designer that makes unique designs and not one that relies on the basics. Staying up to date with the graphic design trends doesn't mean getting rid of your personal style, instead, it's an opportunity to give your style a fresh and trendy vibe. Your portfolio will become richer and unique, attracting new customers.

After all, we never stop learning and your career will be better if you keep up with the trends. Feeding your creativity is the key to good results.

As I've just said, keeping up with graphic design trends is a key to having better results, here are a few ways to do this.

Get out of your comfort zone

Every graphic designer has its comfort zone and it's great that you use it to create better designs. However, sticking to your comfort zone all the time can become a limitation. Do not follow every time the same steps in every project, this will leave your portfolio with very similar designs, and as I said before, clients want uniqueness. Open up your creativity, use new techniques, and look at what other designers are doing. This will lead you to stay in touch with the latest trends and have unique and fresh final products.

Keep calm and read on!

Never stop reading! Whether you work on design, engineering, carpentry, or whatever, reading is the best way to learn new stuff. For learning about graphic design trends, you should constantly check out the top design blogs, such as TDPs. Remember, the best way to know the latest trends is to keep an eye on blogs, magazines, Twitter accounts, and more.

Never stop learning

There are thousands of cheap courses that will let you keep up with the latest graphic design trends. Just ask some colleagues for recommendations or do your own research. This will help you learn new techniques and elements from professionals that are constantly studying the design trends. My recommendation is to invest in a few courses, so you can have fresh and unique designs of your own. There are even some free courses that aren't bad at all. There are websites such as Udemy, where you can find the best courses with discounts and accessible pricing.


There are many sites where any graphic designer can stay in touch with others and share their work. One of these is Behance, here you can meet other designers and check out their work. Online communities are great because you can improve your designs with other POVs. Feedback is one of the most useful tools to know the latest graphic design trends.

Keep it workin’

Experience is key to better results. Always keep creating, this is the best way to reinvent yourself and find new techniques that will lead to fresh and trendy results. Create a personal style and identity, there isn't one designer that will succeed by delivering basic and repetitive designs.

1. Anti-Design

Anti-design has its origins in the surrealist vanguard. Think of Dali’s artwork, that's the best example of surrealism. This type of art (and others like Dada) is the opposite of sensible aesthetics. With aggressive typography, asymmetrical shapes, and dark colors, anti-design design generates a big impact on any first impressions. Any design of this type will look like it's unfinished, and that's the beauty of it. It's a risky option that is trending in the last year. But be careful, that is a flashy type of design so you probably shouldn't use it in every project. I mean, I don't think a cookie shop ad will look good with anti-design.


2. Inclusive Visuals

We are all more sensitive to inclusivity and diversity in 2022. After many movements such as BLM or MeToo, we've been seeing many traces of these in social media. This is a positive aspect, nowadays including only white men characters isn't well seen anymore. Diversity is part of society and designers should acknowledge that.

inclusive visuals

3. 3D + 2D

The classic flat 2D and 3D design trends have been seen way too many times. We usually tend to choose one or the other but hey, it's 2022, let's combine them! The 3D + 2D design is pretty disruptive and original. It brings a lot of visual impact and uniqueness to the table. This trend can be upgraded with motion designs, that'll totally spice it up.

2d + 3d

4. Fun Typography

This takes certain elements of anti-design and other trends such as y2k and maximalism. Typography is a visual element that isn't as recognized as it should be. This trend is all about loud fonts and colors that make your design stand out. Don't be afraid on experimenting, make your text wide, bold and round-shaped. This type is absolutely useful for flyers, ads, and banners. Be creative but don't take it too far, many visual elements will give watchers a headache.

playful typography

Final thoughts

Now we know the importance of keeping up with trends and how to do it. There are plenty of graphic design trends and they constantly change, however, in this post we've stated the best ones. Now is up to you. Do you want fresh and unique design products? or you'll stay in the unoriginal basics?

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