The Importance of Graphic Design in Business: The Essentials

Sep 26, 2022Felipe Alvarez

Everybody is biased by appearance. Especially in graphic design, we must be extra careful with the impression we generate on other people. Marketing has always been important in business. Nowadays, graphic design is marketing. Not only websites, social media posts and online ads are graphic design, but also street ads, business cards, and more. In this post, you'll find the importance of graphic design in business and the essentials any business must have

Why is graphic design crucial in business?

Graphic design is now a cornerstone in any successful business project. Nowadays, hiring a graphic designer is more important than hiring marketing professionals. Graphic design is now a synonym for digital marketing, trends constantly change and designers must be updated. Here are the reasons for the importance of graphic design in business.

First Impressions matter

A powerful first impression is fundamental to any design. The product must generate a big impact on the first look. If your business's first impression isn't strong enough, many customers will not be attracted. In the first impression, the goals and work your company does must be somehow represented. Color, shape, typography, and animation choices must be specific and simple.

Brand Identity

The graphic design strategy must be thoroughly planned. In this process, brand identity should be thought as a central item Brand identity is fundamental for any type of business. A solid identity must truly represent what your whole company is about, it must engage with your audience's feelings. A badly designed identity will lead to confusion, generating no type of relationship and trust.

Increase Your Sales

Good graphic design will help a business gain visibility which might probably lead to increased sales. A good choice of colors and other visual elements will generate a positive impact on your client's opinion about your company. And remember, good visuals will create a trustful bond with your customers and as a consequence, they might keep purchasing your products and services.

Consistency and trust

Consistency in your brand’s appearance will build trust. Constantly changing your brand's appearance (website, street, and online ads…) will give your company a fresh and unique look without losing the trustful bond with your clients. Remember that graphic design must be thought of as an investment, not as a cost.

The graphic design essentials any business must have

As I've said, graphic design in business is the best way of doing marketing. We can see it everywhere: ads, social media, websites… but, which are the most important ones?

1) Business Cards

Business cards are a cheap and classic option. They make a strong first impression, giving out professional and organized vibes. They include your business information, so it can be used as a great way to attract new clients. The design on these cards must be perfect. Badly designed business cards will repel customers. Carry them with you wherever you go, you don't know when a business opportunity will come. Social and work events are a great occasion to hand some out but please, don't be that guy that just doesn't know when to hand the cards. You must find the right moment, talk to different groups and gently offer them your card, you can't just give them out without having a conversation first. Graphic designers love uniqueness and originality, but this isn't the case to use flashy visual elements. Keep it simple. 2 or 3 colors, normal fonts, and just crucial information. Maybe you can find originality using classic design elements, and that would be ideal but stay out of trendy business cards, which might make a weak and unprofessional first impression. This is the most classic way of seeing graphic design in business.

2) Flyers

These days, especially after the COVID lockdown, print isn't usual anymore. Digital is the way to go. This is a positive thing in two aspects. Is eco-friendly and way cheaper. Flyers are still very important, they are an effective and easy way to deliver information.  There isn't much science on this matter. Flyers must be eye-catching and simple. They are an opportunity to include a lot of information. Use bullet points and keywords to highlight certain ideas. Business cards must be simple but flyers can be flashy and unique. Use strong colors and fun typography. Use the latest design trends to have fresh results.

3) Social Media

We already know the influence social media has on marketing. Its basic maths, since everyone is on social media, is the best way to attract clients. It's a cheap and easy option for every business. Some social media apps like Instagram or Facebook, offer a shopping interface inside the app. This facilitates the whole buying process for both sides, buyer and shopper. The post you make on your business social media accounts must be carefully designed and thought through. Use original images and texts that represent your brand. Social media’s informality, allows business owners to give out friendly vibes. Many big companies take advantage of this and post memes or other informal media content to generate a trustful and familiar bond with customers. You can even pay for ads, this will help you increase your visibility.

4) Infographics

Infographics can seriously boost your web traffic. These are simple and effective ways to deliver a message. Whenever you want to transmit a lot of information simply and consistently, infographics are the way to go. I suggest asking a graphic designer to do this, however, Canva offers a lot of free templates that allow small businesses to create their own infographics. Keep it simple and use bullet points. You don't want a flashy infographic, this wouldn't be a good way of delivering information. Unclutter your design and avoid confusion.

Final thoughts

It's been stated that graphic design in business plays a big role. Is the most effective marketing strategy. It'll help you increase sales and form a brand identity. It'll also help you build consistency and a trustful relationship with customers. There are a lot of design products your company might have but the crucial ones have been stated in this post. If you are a business owner, you must invest in graphic design. After all, is what people see from the outside.

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