The Future of Graphic Design: Create Animated Graphics

Sep 26, 2022Felipe Alvarez

As time passes, design trends change. Nowadays, we seem to think static graphs aren't enough, that's why we create animated graphics. Since any moving graphic design is animated, this is basically animated graphic design. Designers use animated graphics as a tool for making the product more attractive and dynamic. In this post, we'll talk about animated motion graphics, a useful resource for business marketing.

Why should you Create Animated Graphics?

I think that if you create animated graphics, you'll have much more control over the efficiency with which users receive information. Remember, we live in an era where static images aren't really efficient anymore. So, why should we use animated  graphics?

Tell a Story

Any story will be a perfect match with animated graphics. It's a functional and powerful way of communicating an idea. Storytelling is already a good idea to generate curiosity, imagine combining it with moving images that will tell much more than just a bunch of words with a traditional image. This combination will make the entire story interesting. A moving image will also transmit more emotions, generating a deep connection between the user and the product.

Fast and Simple

Have you ever watched a boring tutorial or educational video, where the teacher will stand in front of the camera and just say a bunch of ideas? we all prefer those videos where drawings and images pop out, summarizing and speeding up the whole explanation, right? Animated graphics can add efficiency and speed to these videos. It will also help highlight important concepts and ideas, letting spectators retain the most crucial data.

Persuade Your Audience

it's proven by market studies that animated content can increase call-to-action responses considerably. If you create animated graphics, users will probably be more interested in your product. Eventually, this will affect on your earnings, since the increasing amount of CTA responses can result in new customers.

How to Create Animated Graphics That Stand Out

Design Principles

The design world is a pretty free and creative industry. However, there are certain “rules” you should respect in order to have a great product. First off, we have the classic 12 Principles of Design that will help you in any design project. More specifically, there are a series of principles specific to this area. Once you've decided to create animated graphics to upgrade your product, these are the basic principles in video creation.


You must be sure that your animated design is coherent and in order with the other elements. Pay extra attention to color, shape, size, and typography. If your visual choices aren't right, the benefits of animated graphics will not have a good effect.


You must clarify which are the most important design elements by using shape, color, and other visual tools. Once you've done that, make sure it's correctly highlighted. Be careful, you don't want to send a wrong message.


Contrast is the difference between objects. To express this we use color (opposites, like black and white), shape (square and circle), texture (rough and silky), and more. This is also a way to highlit and emphasize the important elements. You know you've done a good job with your contrast when a specific element I can observe is different and more crucial than its neighbor elements.


We've established that different elements will have different visual importance, however, be careful with the difference. Don't let it be very unproportioned and messy. Also, be careful with the space distribution. Don't keep all the most important elements on one side, this will not help the balance of your product.

Branding and goals

Whether you’re designing with motion graphics software or with a template, you must take into account your brand and goals. Branding Identity is a key in any business. Everything must be aligned with it, specially design, don't forget that this will help on generating a trustful relationship. Your goals also must be somehow represented in your animated graphics.

Create animated graphics: Useful tips

As already mentioned, animated graphics' popularity is increasing. We see them in many designs like websites, ads, apps… that's why you'll need some recommendations to create animated graphics and make them stand out.

Respect your brand

Sure, you could go on the internet and download assets quickly and for free, but that would be a mediocre and basic decision. Remember that your design is a representation of your brand, you must respect that and put extra work into the customization of graphic elements. Use the right colors, font combinations, and shapes. That's how you'll achieve a unique design that is aligned with your brand. Remember, you are telling your company's story.

Avoid clutter

I've already mentioned that design work is all about freedom and creativity. However, freedom doesn't mean putting a bunch of visuals until you are tired. If you are going to create animated graphics, you must keep them clutter-free. Use blank spaces, these aren't incomplete spaces, instead, they are used as a tool to direct the attention. Avoiding a cluttered and excessive design will help you deliver your message correctly.

Use Animated Characters

Animated characters are a great way to create a strong and trustful relationship with users. Think of brands with a character logo such as KFC. Everybody knows the mythical Coronel Sanders, it's a familiar and likable figure. Now, imagine how much more human an animated character is. One of these will make a stronger impression and will deliver the message better.

Animated illustrations

Spice your illustrations up! If static illustrations are already a great way to achieve clarity and message delivery, the animated version will be much richer. It'll help you with storytelling and it can be a great way of building a good UX experience. Be extra careful with the animations, after all, they are illustrations and cant be very flashy. Keep it simple.

Final thoughts

Keep your design updated. Trends are constantly changing and your product should be too. Create animated graphics to stand out and have a dynamic and unique design. Remember, animated graphics are a simple way to tell a story that'll help you persuade your audience. Stick to the recommendations stated in this post and your graphics will be great.

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