Simple Backgrounds: What are the advantages of using for your design?

Jul 15, 2022Dianne Eberhardt

Have you ever noticed that a lot of professional designs use simple backgrounds? For your social media and website photographs, choosing simple backdrops is a terrific idea because they provide your followers a blank canvas on which to view your message.

For your upcoming visual design, do you need some background inspiration? Here are six straightforward background designs that you may use for your website or marketing campaign.

Why You Should Use a Simple Background Design

I wondered how a straightforward background pattern might completely alter how branded marketing materials are produced? Let's examine the significance of plain backdrops.

Professional and Clean

Professional designs typically have a simple, clean aesthetic. On the other hand, busy, cluttered backdrops might make your photographs appear chaotic, thereby driving away potential buyers since they can't understand your message.

Whether you're an established company or a tiny firm just starting to grow your customer base, the content associated with your brand should accurately reflect you. You might have more success leaving a lasting impression on those who come into contact with your business if you choose a clean, professional background design.

Helps Users Focus on Core Design Elements

Users can better focus on the primary design components of your image, such as a graphic, logo, or text, when the background is kept simple. After all, you want your call to action to be the main point so they will respond.

Poorly designed graphics distract people from the following action you want them to perform, which is one of the biggest marketing mistakes you can make. You want your pictures to evoke a sense of urgency in your audience and have them declare, "I need this in my life," given the amount of competition.

Users are more inclined to scroll down if they find it difficult to concentrate on what you want them to do, such as make a purchase or click on a blog post link.

Easier to Coordinate With

It's simpler to match your text and graphic elements when your background is designed. In other words, there won't be any conflict between your design's components and the background.

The photographs we use in our marketing have so many distinct elements. To increase the likelihood that viewers would pause mid-scroll to look at your image, it is far simpler to keep things simple.

Easier Viewing on Small Screens, or at a Glance

Today, mobile devices are used by 54.8% of persons who visit websites. A remarkable 2.8 billion people use Facebook alone, and 98.5 percent of those people access the app on a mobile device. And 2.33 billion users, or 81.8%, only utilize mobile devices to access the app.

Users will have no trouble viewing your designs on small displays if you choose a straightforward background design for your marketing materials. They will be more likely to respond to your posts since they will be more likely to recognize what they see immediately.

Not Too Overwhelming For Users

By scrolling through any platform's feed, internet users are already consuming a vast amount of information. You can get your photographs in front of them without overpowering their senses if you stick with a straightforward background design.


Making a variety of graphics is made simpler by selecting a straightforward background and uncluttered background. This is because a simple background design is more adaptable than a crowded one.

Your design process can be pretty flexible with the correct background. For instance, combining graphic elements with a plain background design can be straightforward. On the other hand, if you choose, you can add solitary text using this backdrop style.

6 Examples of Simple Background Designs to Use & How to Use Them

Are you looking for some fantastic yet straightforward background designs? You may use a variety of royalty-free templates and pictures from Snappa to make eye-catching designs that are both straightforward and expert.

Here are six appealing yet straightforward designs you may employ in your marketing, along with some advice on how to do it.

Abstract Art

If you want a basic background design that is vibrant and beautiful, abstract backgrounds are a great choice. Even better, there are numerous possibilities for abstract art, so you're more likely to find something that complements your company's color scheme.

color palette designs

Abstract backdrop photos might be an excellent option if you're going for a creative or artistic atmosphere. For instance, the black abstract background of the YouTube end screen seen above provides artistic flair without detracting from the typography or other graphic components.

Do you need a bit extra assistance selecting the hues for your design? Adobe Color is an excellent free application that offers powerful color combination possibilities for your brand.

Adobe color a great source for design


For thousands of years, people have drawn inspiration from the night sky. Starscapes may offer a straightforward background design for your marketing photographs that communicates exploration, adventure, and innovation.

simple background details

Take note of the crisp, tall, all-caps font used in this illustration and the picture of the night sky. The design leaves plenty of room for the content to breathe, and the contrast between the dark background and the bold, white font is wonderful.

Bokeh Photography

Photography with bokeh has a whimsical atmosphere and can be used as a straightforward but beautiful background design. Bokeh art may significantly increase the visual impact of your material while maintaining the integrity of the message when combined with soft colors and geometric shapes.

The library on Snappa has many gorgeous pictures that can be found by searching for "bokeh art." Consider integrating translucent forms with rounded corners and simple, bold text overlays for eye-catching quote images or special deals.

Bokeh Photography

Minimalist Backgrounds

You can use minimalist ideas to produce a straightforward background pattern that your fans will adore. Less is more when it comes to making basic visuals.

Think about utilizing neutral or earthy tones and straightforward typography and design components. For instance, the image arrangement below, with its calming green techniques and straightforward style, creates a sensation of soft focus.

simple backgrounds

An earthy, simple image like this one might be associated with a wellness company or a content producer who encourages development and self-care. Modifying minimalist designs to reflect your brand's color scheme and core values is straightforward.

Simple, Natural Elements

A picture of nature might make a beautiful, straightforward background for your design. Nature photography occasionally even allows for the addition of minimalism while preserving a broader, more adaptable color pallet.

The message of your company can be enhanced by nature photography, especially if you are in the travel sector or provide information, goods, or services to promote and preserve good health. For a finished design, combine your background image with opaque or solid shapes and striking typefaces.

Clean Graphics Patterns

Sometimes a simple pattern design makes for the ideal background. For content producers, patterns with geometric shapes and vibrant or high-contrast colors can be a terrific option.

Observe how the white cubes stand out sharply against the dark background. This pattern has a playful, minimalistic appearance. It would look good on a gamer's social media profile, such as their Twitch banner.

Simple backgrounds to use

Final Thoughts

You can improve your company's performance by choosing a straightforward background design for your website, video thumbnails, social media graphics, and blog featured picture.

You may elevate your material by incorporating this organization into your pictures. Making a conscious effort to choose simple backgrounds will help your offerings or calls to action stand out. As an added plus, making straightforward visual designs is much easier and takes less time.

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