The ROI of UX Design: Quantifying the Impact of User Experience

Jun 7, 2024Dianne Eberhardt

UX design involves cultivating meaningful, long-lasting relationships with your audience, aiming to transform users into loyal customers over time.

Recognizing that UX constantly evolves integrates it into an integral part of operations from the conceptual phase through development and iteration.

In this article, we’ll learn how adopting a user-centered strategy can lead to increased revenue.

What Does the ROI of UX Design Mean?

Return on investment in UX design refers to the financial benefits gained from improving the user experience of a product or service.

Improving user experience requires resources: time, effort, research, and of course, a financial investment. In return, a company gets added value, that eventually turns into financial profits.

This added value involves:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost reductions
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Brand loyalty
  • Staying ahead of the competition

We’ll explore these concepts in more detail in the following section.

ROI of UX: 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in UX Design

UX is powerful enough to motivate and influence your audience. It can guide users toward specific courses of action throughout their customer journey.

If this is not enough to see UX design as a wise investment (rather than an expense), check out the following aspects:

1. Increased User Satisfaction

Remember that brand loyalty is rare but equally valuable when competition abounds.

A user-focused product or service generates interaction, attracting your targeted audience. People will likely recommend and maintain a bond with it if:

  • You provide valuable information and functionalities.
  • You present them in a clear layout.
  • You offer an intuitive design.

2. Augmented Conversion Rate

We have already referred to the persuasive potential of UX. Good UX design practices lead users toward a specific course of action. This ranges from subscribing to a newsletter to adding a product to the cart, thus increasing conversion rates.

Your user experience has to be alive and reviewed regularly to stay up-to-date. Over time, it can even become your brand's distinctive feature. Explore more about the economic benefits of UX design in our blog.

3. Improved Brand Identity

A cultural saying reminds us that "an image is worth a thousand words". An impactful experience could be all you need to gain recognition from your audience.

Get positive feedback and build trust in your brand by providing seamless interaction.

4. Increased Competitive Edge

Investing in UX encompasses researching whatever is in demand by your audience. This includes trends, user patterns, and preferences. It forces you to stay up to date and take feedback from your users for constant improvement.

Isn't it the most efficient way to keep ahead of competitors? Making UX practices part of your routine operations is being proactive in an ever-changing business landscape.

5. Reduced Need for Customer Support

Great UX lowers costs by empowering users. Self-service often prevents unnecessary frustrations and time-consuming transactions. It allows the user to be autonomous and to only rely on customer support when it is needed.

Measuring UX Metrics: 3 Good Signs of a Successful ROI

Quantifying the return on investment of UX design is not easy. However, you will find that implementing a sound UI UX process smooths out operations and drives growth.

Let's see how:

Fewer Development Adjustments

With a UX approach to your internal processes, you reduce the error risk. Having your final user in mind in the early project stage provides an advantage to develop the best possible solution. Adjustments will still be necessary but will be considerably reduced.

Higher Conversion Rate

If you see positive results, then you're doing something right. Learn from your mistakes and also consider your successes. If you've just recently decided to change something in your user flow, keep track of your metrics so you can see how it affects them.

Less Need for Customer Support

Allowing users to self-serve saves everyone’s time.

Your customer service staff, for example, can focus on solving more complicated cases. Meanwhile, the public will experience increasing confidence when interacting with your brand.

How to Improve the ROI of UX Design?

Improving the return on investment (ROI) of User Experience (UX) design involves the following strategies:

  • User Research: Study your audience to understand pain points, expectations, and needs. This will provide useful insights to guide your designs throughout your project.
  • Keep it Simple: Make “less is more” your motto.
  • Test and Iterate Continuously: to stay relevant to changing tastes and ready to pivot whenever a new situation arises.
  • Consistency: Bring clarity and coherence across products and services so that good UX becomes a brand-standing feature.

Learn the importance of UX design for startups and maximize the use of your resources.

UX ROI Case Studies: Real-World Examples of Success

To exemplify the importance of UX, we want to share two real-world relevant situations we encountered with clients: WellBe and Woven.

WellBe: Streamlining Pre-Surgery Prep

WellBe, a cloud-based platform that connects patients with healthcare providers, approached us to design a mobile pre-surgery experience.

Their goal was to increase patient preparedness and reduce provider workload. They aimed to save time and money, guiding patients through pre-surgery steps.

The results? Our redesigned mobile experience led to a 20% increase in patients completing pre-surgery steps, reducing the burden on providers.

Woven: Boosting Engagement and Bookings

Woven, an app for managing calendars and scheduling events, teamed up with us to redesign their platform, aiming for a smoother user experience.

They wanted to provide users with a user-friendly scheduling tool that smoothly connects with their Google and Microsoft calendars, ultimately saving them time.

Thanks to our redesign, their user return rates increased by over 42%, while also experiencing a 30% surge in bookings.

If you are excited to uncover more tangible examples, explore other successful stories by diving into our online portfolio.

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