Outsource graphic design: the key to success?

Jun 27, 2022Santiago Alvarez Tocalli

We are all probably aware of the importance of visual communication in every business. It is almost impossible to have a successful business with no Internet presence.

Having a professional graphic designer can be the key to the success of visual communication, but not everyone can hire a full-time employee. But don't worry, there is a solution: outsource graphic design. Please read this article to know what it is, the reasons to incorporate it into your business, and how to do it correctly.

The benefits of having a graphic designer in your business

There are some undoubted benefits of having a graphic designer in your business. The Internet and e-marketing changed the game about how important visual communication is. Nowadays, it is essential not only to have a good web page or social media for your business but also to be beautiful, catchy, practical, and accessible. A graphic designer's services can help you achieve this more effectively because you may create an excellent design, but a fully functional design is not that easy.

The importance of visual communication applies to every business, from big companies like Coca-Cola to small startups or entrepreneurs with few employees. Of course, those businesses do not have the same resources. For some of them,m it can be impossible (and unnecessary) to hire a full-time job designer, where outsourcing graphic design and design on demand takes the lead.

Outsource graphic designer vs. hired designer

As we mentioned before, graphic design is essential (almost mandatory) to the success of a business. Visual communication is the protagonist in times of social networks, and having a professional to develop it can be the key to success. But hiring a full-time job designer is not suitable for every business, and outsourcing graphic design can be the solution. But, what is this?

Outsourcing your business's graphic design is delegating your company's design process to a professional that is not part of the staff. Delegating these jobs will allow you to focus on tasks that you or someone on your team can make, which are not easy to delegate, like design.

On the other hand, there is the role of a full-time hired designer who will be a professional that works for your company every day of the week and probably has no other job than that one. It can be a good option for big businesses, and in many cases, they have more than one and even complete teams of designers. For smaller companies, this can be non-viable and senseless; it is pointless to pay a person a salary that most of the time will have nothing to do.

Outsourcing graphic design can be that sweet spot between having a professional graphic design in your business without hiring a full-time employee.

5 reasons to outsource design services

  • Money-saving: as we mentioned before, hiring a full-time designer will consist of paying a full-time salary and many other things. Designers need programs and tools to work that can be pretty expensive. Outsourcing graphic designs will free you from these costs because the other company will cover them.
  • Time-saving: when you outsource graphic designs with a business like The Design Project, you save time in many aspects. Forget to waste weeks of finding, hiring, and training freelancers. Also, the design system on demand will save you time in design planning. On this platform, a high-quality designer is waiting for you.
  • Many professionals behind your business: if you hire one designer to control all your business designs, there will be only one head behind it. When outsourcing designs to other companies, a team of professional designers will think about your brand together.
  • Upgrading your plan for your outsource design company. Easy adaptation to changes: is your business getting bigger and needs more designs? Do you need more miniature designs than before? Go some steps back, and that's it. Growing or decreasing is not a problem when outsourcing graphic design.
  • External look: you and your team members are 24/7 focused on your business. Counting with a fresh exterior look can help you to find any problems.

How to outsource graphic design successfully.

To outsource graphic design successfully, the first step is to understand your needs and your budget, what you are expecting to get, and how much money you have to spend on that.

Many companies and freelancers are willing to realize the graphic design of your brand, so you will need to analyze what they offer to find the more suitable option for you. If you only hire a freelance designer, you will probably need to track and guide him more than if you hire a company that can put many of their designers at the service of your brand.

Do you need the same number of designs monthly or an on-demand design system? Thinking about when and how you want your designs will help you find the right option for your case.

In the following list, you will find some different options of businesses that are great for outsourcing design:

One time designs

Fiverr: an excellent option for a one-time design.

99designs are also great for a one-in-a-time design, including logos, web, or apps.

Freelance designers

Freelancer: here, you can find many freelance designers. The cons are that they work by themselves, without a team behind.

Long-term team designers

The Design Project: an excellent option for long-term design work, in which a whole team will work on your on-demand designs. Different plans are available for other businesses' needs.

Final thoughts

Graphic design is very important in nowadays business, and outsourcing can be an excellent option for getting professional results without the cons of hiring a full-time employee.

With this article, now you know the benefits of hiring an outsource graphic designer and some companies that can help you find the best plan for your needs. Go ahead and start experimenting with on-demand designs for your business.

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