On Demand Design: the Future of Business Design

Oct 1, 2022Felipe Alvarez

The agency model was the most popular choice for outsourced design solutions for a long time.  But times have changed.  This applies affects every aspect of your business, including content and design. Instead of the set pieces of the past, corporate design needs now call for quick-fire, high-volume, dynamic creative that is targeted and coordinated across numerous channels. The conventional agency model has so begun to appear more cumbersome, rigid, and out-of-date. With these turn of events, efficient businesses have turned to on demand design services. This provides an agile and real-time design, here is why.

What is On Demand Design?

Whenever you need it to be: real-time design service suited to your unique design needs, delivery dates, and budget. Outsourcing design projects to a professional or design team. O n demand graphic design services is another name for it.

With graphic on demand design, whatever your design request is, you get an expert team, carefully chosen attending to your needs and available at any time, to guarantee you get the best blend of technical expertise and real-time, fast delivery. Whether you need marketing design, flyer design, or want to redesign your website.

One day a simple project, the next a complicated one? No projects this day, but three the following?

Want your design team to take the lead on a project while adding external knowledge?

Have an outsourcing agency in place, but would prefer them to concentrate on high-end, massive marketing features as opposed to becoming weighed down in your routine design needs?

It makes no difference when using on demand design. You can have everything. Everything you need is available right now, so there's no need to spend a lot of time or money ahead, sign a long-term contract, or anything like that.

Why On Demand Design is often better than agencies

1. It Fits Your Business

Modern design needs are organic, consisting of a continuous stream of various, time-limited deliverables with fluctuating demand. Any design solution must be agile to best meet such changing needs.

Think about the following scenario: If you were stranded at home and wanted to give a birthday card to your friend, would you ask FedEx to pick it up and send it through their airmail system or would you ask your partner to deliver it? If you prefer the airmail option... I don't even know what to think about you.

In the context of modern marketing, selecting a full-service agency for your regular, necessary design work is the same as choosing the airmail option.

On demand graphic design would be the other option, the same result delivered by someone you trust. It's also the cheaper option because you aren't paying for unnecessary extras you don't need. It goes right to the solution. Efficient and ideal for your needs.

2. It's Quicker

Agility leads to speed. Instead of having to worry about whether your assigned team will be available when you require something, whether they're on holiday, or whether they're assigned to another project and can't work on your task for an entire week, you can choose on demand design, where an expert selects your team from a group freelance expertise to fit your delivery dates,  without worrying where you are.

On demand, design implies waving goodbye to drawn-out negotiations or waiting for an agency's internal approval procedures to be completed before work can begin.

3. Cost-Effective

For many companies, particularly start-ups and SMBs, the agency route isn’t financially viable.

The cost of the contract, particularly if their design needs are flexible, it'll probably be outside of the budget. With on demand design, those companies would be able to have designs of great quality whenever they need them. The price totally makes sense (if it's within your budget).

If you own a big business and have the money to pay a classic design agency, I’d say you avoid it. On demand design is the best option for almost every business, it's an easier and faster way of hiring such a fundamental service as design.

Cons of On Demand Design

On demand, design is still the best option, but just like everything, it has its cons.

Not suitable one-off projects

If you want to see one specific movie you probably won't sign up for a month of Netflix services, right?

The same holds for on-demand design services. It might be a waste of resources if there isn't a consistent need for it.  Therefore, on-demand design services might not be the greatest choice for you if you want to ask for "simply a logo," for instance. In any case, I wouldn't anticipate you to simply ask for a logo. You'll need continuing design jobs to go along with your marketing material if you want to maintain a strong web presence and promote your goods and services consistently.

The cost isn’t very cheap

When it comes to pricing, logo designers who charge less than a Big Mac can't compete with on-demand design services.

Can you picture your entire business's reputation being mirrored in a $5 logo?

The good news is that the majority of on-demand design providers include a trial period with a refund policy.

For example, The Design Project offers a trial period where you can test the service and decide if it's for you or not. As we've said before, on-demand design is cost-effective, and TDP isn't an exception. The dedicated services provided by the expertise and human personnel (that keeps expanding), cant be compared to the services provided by a one-time-hire designer or a classic agency.

Final thoughts

Times change, and if you don't change we stay behind. The old classic design agency isn't viable anymore, the future is on demand design services. Whenever you want it, however, you want it and by the best of the best. There are lots of options. In this post, we talked about the positive and negative features of this type of service. Overall, we can conclude that is a great option for any type of business (startup, big business…) that needs designs constantly. After all, design says everything about us, we can't be cheap on this one. Invest in your business by purchasing a quality and efficient on demand design service. Be smart.

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