Notion UX Design: How to Leverage the App

Nov 22, 2022Martín Etchegoyen

Your entire work process should always be in a single place where you can consult everything. If you are thinking about getting started on UX design processes, you will see that there are many tools, such as Trello, Mural, and Invision Freehands, among others. All these apps make it a bit hard to conglomerate everything into one single space, but Notion and its features make this tough task a simple one. This blog will be about how can you make the most of Notion UX design.

Notion is a simple and intuitive tool full of possibilities, with which you can create and customize a workspace and organize all your work as you wish. By the time you first use it, you realize that it will save you hours of work in your UX design processes.


Launched in 2018, Notion quickly became a sensation in the productivity bubble reaching a staggering million users by 2019. In 2021, the app has become indispensable for both personal and corporate use. The people who have been using Notion since its early days do it for all intents and purposes, such as project and task management, documentation storage, and education hub, among many other functions.

Organized Workplace Contribution to Notion UX Design

In this section, we will discuss one particular soft skill regarding Notion UX design. Keeping your workplace in the app in order can really make a difference. That is why the following process is so important to follow.

1. Workplace Preparation

To stay organized, you have to have a different workspace for each part of your life. For example, a personal one, a work one, and one for personal projects. You can separate the content of your workspace also in two parts. which are the following. First of all, daily, where you can have your Kanban Board, and then process, where you can have a different page for each UX step that you take.

In this way, you have direct access to your list of to-dos and each of the phases of the working process.

2. Making a Kanban Board

Every organized person needs a Kanban board in their life and Notion, you can have your own, and you will not lose any of the functionality by doing so. You can assign work to colleagues, comment on entries, etc. To create it you just need to add a new page using the Task & Issues Template and customize it with the columns you want in your Kanban board.

3. Making a Canvas

One thing you cannot do in Notion is assigning an image as a background and work over it, which makes it difficult to work on a canvas as in real life, but there is always a solution to every problem. Making a Task & Issues page and assigning every column to a space in the canvas solves this issue. Now you only have to fill it with your digital post-its, or “Entries”.

4. Interviews, Surveys, Research

For these kinds of pages, you can just use Notion like your typical text editor. Putting all your Interviews and Survey Insights together is always helpful.

5. Personas and Proto Journeys

You can make your UX Personas just by making columns, adding a photo, and creating toggles for the information of each one.

5 Benefits of Notion UX Design

Here, we will go into detail about some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Notion to carry out your designs.

UX Design

1. Customizability

We are sure that although Notion boasts millions of users, no two users utilize the app in quite the same way. There are simply too many things you can customize. Plus, the use cases are nearly limitless.

The number of layout/components options to select from, and being able to quickly add media, tables, or even more complex elements such as Gantt charts to a document is fantastic. In addition, your document is kept clean and tidy. Customization of notes, so you can see titles, dates, and other parameters that you need. Also, it is easy to customize files. For doing that, you have to add properties, dates, badges, and icons.

2. Simplicity

The first thing the whole of the design team points out is how simple yet powerful Notion is. Even without grasping the app’s full potential, many first-time users can recognize the fluidity, intuitiveness, and responsiveness of the app. Then, of course, it would take some trial and error to utilize Notion better, but it is certainly a strongly manageable app.

3. Collaborativeness

Real-time collaboration is a make-or-break feature for the overwhelming majority of corporate users. There are very few apps out there that are useable solo. In that regard, Notion does not disappoint.

4. Versatility

When it comes to the workplace, no one likes to use more apps than they absolutely need to. Otherwise, you just get bogged down in a myriad of tools that often are not integrated, which is a recipe for tedious and needless work. What is so great about Notion is that it can replace a large number of apps.

Notion seems to be a great replacement for multiple tools such as Trello, Kanban bards, Google docs, and others for text editing or even management tools such as Basecamp or Monday.com.

5. Templates

Templates are a lifesaver for any repetitive task. Notion has a bunch of those. It is particularly useful for new users who have not yet had the time to fully comprehend the breadth of usage.


Notion is a great app for managing and handling your UX designs. If you learn to use it properly, you will see how advantageous it is and how much it can improve your work as a designer.

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