Introductory Guide on Motion Graphics: The Future of Marketing

Oct 5, 2022Felipe Alvarez

Design is the new marketing. Nowadays, the possibility of having your motion graphics is out there. Find out how to begin this process.

What are Motion Graphics?

Videos featuring animated visual components are called motion graphics. To tell a message or a story, motion graphics are made by animating vectors, drawings, or other image and text elements.

Motion graphics are used to be 2D or 2.5D animations. The real assets being animated are 2D elements like vectors, drawings, or pixel art, even though they may mirror the look of a 3D animation. Because they are completely functional videos, motion graphics differ from GIFs, Lottiefiles, or other image-based motion files. They may consist of music, voice-over, or sound effects. Motion graphics are also not restricted by the compression needed to produce a GIF or a Lottiefile, resulting in a crisper and sharper outcome that will amaze your viewers.

They can be used to clearly explain a product or service, to inform current consumers, or to persuade potential customers to make a purchase, but the possibilities are virtually limitless. Additionally, you may design advertisements, website visuals, and even banners for live events. To fascinate investors and customers alike, send pictures or rendered images of your software, website, or app. Then, develop a world-class explanation or virtual tour.

Motion graphics allow the development of amazing video materials from even the most basic of presentations. High-resolution or cinematic video projects are not typically included in the definition of "motion graphics." Rather, it alludes to animated visuals that are openly usually used for commercial purposes.

Benefits Motion Graphics has on marketing

Motion graphics is a powerful tool for generating significant marketing results and generating revenue for your company.

Motion graphics strengthen your message and increase efficacy, whether you're running paid advertisements, including a motion graphics movie on a landing page, or describing your product in a clip.

Motion Graphics Improve Landing Pages

Adding a well-designed motion graphic can boost your conversion rates by over 75%. The message will be better retained by your audience if you include a video. Motion graphics are one of the greatest tools a business can use to improve its sales.

Motion Graphics Improve Ads

Using motion graphics in your ads can cause a 50% higher sales rate than a basic static ad. This is common sense, a video will be far more attractive than an unoriginal and basic banner. If you include animations in your ad campaign, there's also a bigger possibility that viewers share them.

2 Basic steps for Motion Graphics planning

Before requesting a motion graphic, there's an inspiration and planning phase. Video creation may seem like one of those time-consuming, expensive endeavors that are more difficult than it is worth. But trust me on this one, it's not what it looks like.

Let's go over precisely how to decide what kind of animated video you should start with, how to outline and write that animated video, and how to ensure you set yourself up for success before submitting your motion graphics request. Absolutely anyone can get a fantastic animated video with The Design Project services.

Step 1: Describe Your Expected Outcome

First, you need to understand what kind of motion graphics will best help you and your company. Start by looking at your customers. Here are some valuable questions to ask you and your advertisement or marketing team:

Do you currently have effective advertisements that are achieving your desired conversion rates?

Does your landing pages effectively build expectations for your product or service on the prospect's part, encouraging them to make a buying decision?

What about onboarding new clients and informing them of new features, upgrades, or services?

To keep developing your customer base and bringing in new money, are you keeping the number of customers you need?

Do you have to communicate information on platforms with character limits?

Do you require images to rapidly and effectively present features and benefits, events, promotions, or other information?

What kind of motion graphics video you should produce first will be greatly influenced by the answers to these questions.

Consider creating your first animated advertisement if you need assistance increasing traffic to your website or landing pages.

An animated explanation may be just what you need to increase the conversion rates of your website or landing pages.

An animated UI/UX or Product Explainer may be exactly what you require if you need to teach your current customers or let them know about changes, new items, or features.

Although we won't go into great detail about content planning and video marketing funnels today, it's important to answer these questions to determine where your motion graphics journey should begin. If you want to get further in this guide, check out this article.

Step 2: Draft a Script

Next, start creating the script once you've decided what kind of motion graphics video to make!

You don't have to purchase any specialized software or acquire screenplay formatting knowledge. Simply take out a blank piece of paper and list the lessons you wish your viewers to learn as well as the steps you want them to do as a consequence of the information they have learned.

There are two main paths to do this: If you are a communicator or visual thinker, I suggest you make a table that has two columns. Put "Narration" in one row and "Visual" in the second one. Then, pair each of your lines of narration with an explanation of what you would like to see in your motion graphics animation when that copy is being read.

The other approach, if you're a more analytical thinker, is to just type out your narration as text on a page and then look for ideas for the images you want to include. In many ways, a preliminary verbal sketch is a great place to start if you're unclear about the images.

Final thoughts

Motion graphics is a useful tool for business marketing. In this post, we've talked about the importance of it and how can we get started with it. If you are considering requesting or designing one of these animations, you must go over the steps mentioned in this article.

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