Custom Doodle Designs: Making Your Dreams Come Alive

May 27, 2022Mercedes Cooper

Ever thought about ways to make your designs just leap off of the page? Then you've come to the right place! Having a logo design could be one of the first steps to making your propaganda stand out among others! It could stand between having a very profitable business vs. stagnant. As the times change, customers are looking for the next best thing, and using the perfect custom doodle design can change?

What is doodle design?

Doodle designs are simple drawings where someone can draw random, abstract shapes and lines without giving much thought! This concept originated in the year 1998 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin dabbled with the concept of creating an interesting corporate logo indicating their attendance at the 'Burning Man festival' in the Nevada desert.

For several years now, marketers have taken this concept of doodling and used doodle art designs to represent business plans and strategies. Doodles are visual representations and can help any graphic artists give meaning to their ideas. It is even known that doodling can improve people's ability to remember information by nearly 30% which means they are that much likely to remember your brand!

Mr Doodle in action
Source: The Telegraph

Still not convinced of incorporating doodling art into your business now? People like Queen Elizabeth and Da Vinci are known being famous for their creativity in doodling! Even a man named Sam Cox or "Mr. Doodle" was known for his fascinating doodling! As a child, he would doodle in his sketchbooks. This love for doodling led him on a journey of consuming all kinds of objects from dining chairs to campervans. Today you can see most of Mr. Doodle's work in London in the form of murals and installations in people's homes, offices, and the street.

So next time you're looking for the perfect custom doodle to speak to your customers, Remember what Mr. Doodle said: "what feels wrong, ends up being right" So is it time for you and your company to have a new logo? I think so!

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