The best DIY graphic design tools for beginners

Jun 1, 2022Santiago Alvarez Tocalli

One of the big advantages of the internet is the enormous amount of tools we can find to do a certain job. Graphic design is not the exception and every year they release new web pages that are very useful to professional designers but also to those who are not.

It is undeniable that a professional graphic designer is going to do a much better job than a nonprofessional with the same tools. A graphic designer does not just use the computer tools but also his head tools.

In this article, we are going to see 6 DIY graphic design tools that you can find on the internet and easily learn how to manage them. All of them have a free version and are a great option for those people who are just starting in the design process of their brand and want to take the first steps before hiring a professional designer to create a professional design for their business.

6 DIY graphic design tools

Da Font


Are you bored of the classic fonts? Are you looking for a unique font that can help your designs shine? Da Font is the answer.

This webpage works like an enormous stock of different fonts that designers around the world create and upload there. As a user, you can search them with many filters to find the right one for your design. Once you select some of them, there is a preview feature which is useful to try the font before downloading it.

When you download it you will be able to use the selected font in other design tools, giving you the option to make your designs look more professional.

Although most of them are free, each author can select what the font can be used for. They can be free but just for personal use, 100% free, shareware, etc. There is an option to make a donation to the designer that created the font.



VisMe is an excellent tool for those who create presentations and infographics. With this tool, you will be able to work with a big variety of charts, graphs, and templates that will help you to communicate your ideas in a clear way.

With Visme you will be able to create sales presentations, timelines, videos, animations, infographics, branding, and more. These kinds of tools are very useful because you can make several things with a low monthly inversion or even without paying anything.

Like many design tool web pages there is a free version that has some limitations, but that works pretty well. If you will be using VisMe for many projects, there are other options that for a few dollars you can get good advantages.



Canva is fantastic for nondesigners. In a very intuitive way, you can have good quality results. On this website, you will be able to use different fonts, shapes, filters, icons, and images. There are also good templates so you don't have to start your creating process from scratch.

With Canva you will also be able to do other design tasks, like creating videos or removing the background of images to create PNG.

Canva is an amazing tool but with a considerable disadvantage: the free version is too limited. If you decide to use the free version you will not have access to some tools (like removing the background of images) and you will not have access to most of the images, icons, and templates.



This webpage is a must for nondesigners but also for professional designers. Pexels is a big stock of photos taken by professional photographers of many niches. Here you will be able to find the perfect picture for your design. Also, you will find videos that are also filmed by people who know what they are doing, so you can add the best of the best to your creations.

With Pexels you will not struggle with bad definition pictures or copyright anymore. All the photos and videos that you can find in their endless gallery are free to use, you can modify them as you want and you are not obliged to quote the author or the webpage (although if you want you can do it).



Behance is a museum of design projects from all around the world. On this site, many designers upload and exhibit their work so everyone who can enter can see them.

If you are a professional designer you can use Behance to present your jobs and use it as an advertising site, but if you are a non-designer this can be very useful to you for getting some inspiration. This is going to help you to develop your creativity and your eye to create new designs in the future.

My Fonts - What The Font


Another tool for getting cool fonts but this one with a perfect function for non-designers. Probably if you are not a professional designer you can have some trouble recognizing fonts from a work you liked so you can use it in your own designs.

On the webpage of My Fonts, there is a tool named What The Font, in which you can upload any image with text and it will tell you what font is that and some other similar ones that you can use in your next designs. In there you will be able to download them but you will need to pay in almost every case.

Final thoughts

Although it is impossible to get professional graphic design results if you are not a professional graphic designer, these 6 DIY graphic design tools can be useful for those who want to take the first design steps of their project before hiring a professional that can do the job in the best way possible.

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