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Sep 8, 2022Felipe Alvarez

The internet can be a pretty helpful tool in many situations. In some cases, such as hiring a designer, having too many options might be negative, especially when you have no clue about whom to hire. Nowadays, we have different design services that can (or can not) make our lives easier, one of these is Design Pickle.

What is Design Pickle?

Design Pickle was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2015. It's a platform that offers its clients unlimited graphic solutions. These solutions include flyers, social media banners, ads, book covers, gifs, images, and even clothing design. They have over 500 employees and have completed over 800.000 requests. Design Pickle offers 3 major plans going from $499 to $1.695, each with different services and features.

Design Pickle review

This platform might be one of the biggest and most famous platforms in the graphic design industry, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it's actually good. My Design Pickle review will show some positive and some negative things.


Starting off with the pricing, considering the fact that you have unlimited design requests paying between $499 and $1.695 each month isn't a lot of money. This will obviously depend on the number of designs you need. Even though they don't offer a free trial, they are willing to refund the money on your first month if the results did not fulfill your expectations. You should also take into account that purchasing design services is an inversion, having your ads, flyers, banners, and more for your business/blogs/social media by a professional designer is a major upgrade that will bring positive results.


The best thing about Design Pickle is the variety of solutions you can get. Let's say you need to boost your social media accounts, probably the best option Would be to create ads or banners so you can attract new followers. With just a few indications, you can make your request and a professional designer from Design Pickle will generate what you want as quickly as possible. Their services also include a huge selection of artsy designs, such as cartoon art, portraits, and realistic art. You can even request tattoo art.

Why is Design Pickle suitable for Business?

If you want to boost your business, Design Pickle might be ideal for you. First off, purchasing these services means not having to hire a designer by yourself, so you would be avoiding the whole process of contacting the candidates, negotiating a contract, and loads of paperwork. The efficiency and rhythm of this platform are very helpful for any entrepreneur that doesn't have much time to spend.

If you want to humanize your business, you can request for a “character creation”, this is an option DP offers where a designer creates a mascot based on your own indications. You can also request clothing and merch design, this might be useful if you own a clothing shop. Presentations are pretty important in the business world. If requested, your designer can create a presentation (in the format you prefer) with the content you give them, this will let you focus on the information you need to include and not on the visuals.

Best Assets on Design Pickle

When talking about graphic design, attention to detail is pretty important. The designers of this platform will always thoroughly read the instructions you give them so you can receive what you ask for in between 1 or 2 days. It's also pretty positive the fact that you only work with one designer because he/she will understand the type of designs you want and will deliver better results. You also choose the time zone you want to work in, so you can avoid waiting to get a response to your requests. The possibility of being able to ask for any file format is something you can't find on many platforms other than Design Pickle. This will facilitate the trouble of finding a designer that works with the format you need. There's also a library of thousands of free stock photos you can't download on Google Images, this will save you the trouble of finding original and unique images without having to pay extra. On the Design Pickle home page, you can find a button that says “Our Work”. There you can find plenty of their own designs, so you can judge whether you like them or not.


As any design service, Design Pickle has some disadvantages. The most negative thing is probably the website, many users report it being pretty glitchy at times. The layout has many images and animations that can make the loading slower. They also use a lot of technical languages, this can be pretty confusing for people who are not familiar with design.

The pricing can be a disadvantage. Many small businesses don't have the budget to buy DP services, but even big businesses that do not need much design work might think hiring this service is not worth it, and they are right. If you only need 6 designs made each month, hiring Design Pickle isn't a good option, in this case, you should look for freelance designers or smaller agencies.

Lastly, the “unlimited designs” are not as unlimited as you might think. Designers work with a queue system, when this queue is full they won't be able to take more requests. Also, revisions count as new requests, which might make the unlimited way more limited.

Final thoughts

Design Pickle is one of the biggest design platforms but, is it actually good? Overall, I'd say it is.

If you take the juice out of the “unlimited” (not actually unlimited) design service the pricing isn't really high, if it's within your budget you should consider purchasing it. The variety of design solutions is what makes this platform great, it's ideal for social media accounts, blogs, and especially in business. It's also ideal for business because DP can provide efficiency and attention to detail. They have many assets other agencies don't have such as a library of free and unique images. The only negative aspects regard technical and software complications in their website but past this, you shouldn't have major problems. After all, design is pretty important and is something one should invest in, by everything stated in this Design Pickle review I'd highly recommend it.

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