Design agency vs Freelance designer: which one to choose

Sep 15, 2022Felipe Alvarez

If you are thinking of hiring design services for your business, you should hire these two options: a design agency and a freelance designer. Deciding which is the most suitable for you is a process that might take a while, but in this post, we have highlighted the main benefits and one example of both of these options.

Design agency benefits

A design agency will try to give you a constant and unique design service. These have diverse staff members that have been hired because of their skills and group work.  This option has many benefits but we believe the following 4 are the top ones: Experience, creativity, reliability, and value for money. Pay attention to the descriptions before you make any decision.

1) Experience

This is probably the best thing about hiring a design agency. Just think about a crew of recruited designers that have been in the industry for years. Of course, they have more knowledge and experience than a freelance. Hiring a design agency means hiring a team of pros who have a wide range of skills, very often supported by years of experience. These people probably went through every type of project and know how to overcome any problem.

2) Creativity

As we've said, design agency members have a lot of experience. Creativity is boosted by experience, and what's better than one creative designer? a whole team of these. Having a creative team will lead to unique ideas generated in discussion and teamwork. Seriously, when these people get their heads together, good ideas will be all over the place. Creativity is key to a better and more effective product.

3) Reliability

A design agency has a solid system that assures projects run correctly. Downtime is another important consideration. An agency doesn’t take time off. Having multiple individuals at your service will let you have attention and help constantly.

4) Value for money

Pricing is a pretty variable element between different agencies. However, design is u must-have in any aspect. Being free of the job of designing is a big help to any business owner. You can not really put a price on having a creative team of experts that will be constantly paying attention to your concerns.

These are the best reasons to seriously consider working with a design agency. However, let's take a look at the best reasons to hire a freelance designer. This option can be seen as more messy and unprofessional but it's not always like that. There are many freelance designers with a very efficient and positive way of working. This type also has some benefits, the ones we choose are cost, speed, consistency, and communication. Again, you should carefully analyze each benefit and compare them to the previous ones. Then, you should think about which is better for your case.

Freelance designer benefits

1) Cost

The majority of freelance web designers have fewer costs because their office is their home. Often a freelancer is able to pass those savings onto their clients and still earn a good income. When you hire a freelancer you are not paying the classic big company costs like vacations, maintenance, and office cleaning.

2) Speed

A freelancer makes decisions and works faster than an agency. Revisions are quicker when there is one designer doing the coordinating. It's just one professional that has the advantage of managing his schedule however it's more efficient.

3) Consistency

When designing any type of product, designers use various tools and techniques. When this happens in an agency, one worker might be using a tool and the other worker is using a different tool. This can lead to an unbalanced final result. One person working on all aspects of your website can help keep your site’s design consistent. A good website is well and equally displayed.

4) Communication

When you work with a freelancer, you are dealing with one specific person. You can just ask for your designer's Skype account and have its contact at your disposal. This means more direct communication. For even better communication, you must be sure your designer is responsive and pays attention to the messages you send.


The Design Project

The Design Project will offer you a complete design process in which a team of designers will give their ideas and contributions to your creations. It counts with different subscription plans that will allow you to have an unlimited amount of designs for your project. You will have a big number of professionals behind your project. On The Design Project, a personal designer will be assigned to your business. Also, that designer will collaborate with the rest of the team so they can have different points of view and new ideas about your project. Also, experienced designers will help you determine your project's needs so you can work over them together. TDP offers a trial period of 7 days, in which you will get your money back if you don't like the results.



Freelancer is an enormous site where freelancers are looking for a job. The extensive offer can be a good and a negative aspect because you have many options to choose from, but sometimes there are so many and can confuse you if you are not sure what you are looking for. On Freelancer, you can select designers by a contest, a job post, or getting in touch with workers that meet your search criteria. You can find affordable prices up to more expensive and experienced ones.

Final Thoughts

Design services are fundamental for your business. The seek-out for this service can be pretty difficult and stressful. In this post, we have summed up the benefits of the two best options for hiring a designer: a design agency and a freelance designer. They both have pretty strong elements but, after all, the agency provides a constant and more creative and experienced service. The possibility of having a design team makes the process much more effective. Of course, every case is different and the final decision is yours, so, you should go point by point and think about which option is best for you.

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