Brand Designer: The importance of having one in your business

Jun 1, 2022Santiago Alvarez Tocalli

Everybody is talking about brand designers and their importance in the success of a business. It seems to be mandatory to hire one and that they will give a solution to all of your problems. But, is this true? What is the importance of a brand designer in your business?

In this post we will talk about what a brand designer is, their responsibilities and how they can help you to improve your business communication.

What is a brand designer?

A brand designer is a professional that will help you to develop a brand identity to your business with a variety of techniques like marketing, advertising, website design and content creation strategies.

The job of a brand designer involves many creations that will help to create a successful communication to a brand. These professionals will produce designs across many different platforms, formats and environments embracings products like logos, social media content, magazines, games, social networks and visual identities.

A job of a brand designer is an interdisciplinary work in which they will be in contact with other designers, copywriters, artists, accountants and other professionals, always considering the client and their objectives .

What are the responsibilities of a brand designer?

The main responsibility of a brand designer is to deeply understand the objectives of the clients and create a creative path to achieve them through visual communication.

The brand designer responsibilities will always be connected with other professionals that will add value to the project and will be useful to reach the clients objective.

An important virtue of a good brand designer is the capacity of being in constant communication with the client and having the ability of explaining with clearness the advances of the project and the future steps.

6 benefits of hiring a brand designer

Add value to your brand and helps audiences to recognise it

Professional branding adds value to your brand. People will have a better impression of a business in which a brand designer has done a great job than in another one where there is not a design job at all.

Recognition is very important to create a stable audience. If we see a big golden M we will have no doubt of what brand we are talking about. That is what professional branding can create in an audience, the ability of matching a visual stimulus with a business.

Unity and continuity

Coherence and cohesion. These two concepts are extremely important to achieve a successful visual communication. Creating a continuity in your brand design will be very helpful at the moment of creating an effective recognition of the audience to your brand. Getting back to the McDonalds example, the M is always in the same palette of colors and font, and that is why it is so recognizable in the entire world.

Effective communication

There is a reason in every decision a brand designer takes. There are no random movements and that is why hiring a professional will help you to have effective communication with your target audience.

Every color, shape, word, font, size, location, rotation, etc. are prone to create a certain reaction in the receptor. A brand designer will work with these aspects to transfer your message in the most effective way.

Exhibits relevance and trust

The first approach to a business you don't know is like seeing a house from the street. If your house is nice and clean, well painted, with some healthy plants and some comfortable outdoor chairs to receive guests it is more probable that people will want to get in and have a nice time.

With your business it happens the same. If a customer searches your business on the internet and sees a well presented brand, where everything looks professional and trustable they are more propense to hire you. Definitely a brand designer would help you to achieve this nice presentation.

Maximizes impact

Visual is extremely important. It has always been like this but nowadays in a world with hyper-information this is getting more important. There is research that ensures that we remember 80% of the things that we see, but only the 20% that we read.

A brand designer will help you to maximize the impact of your communication via visual elements, so your target audience can remember you in a more effective way.

Achieving the ROI

You don't hire a brand designer just for having your content look nice, but also to get new clients. A proper brand designer will increase the chance of getting in a more effective way to your target audience and with that having more possibilities of making new clients. Definitely, a brand designer can help you increase the ROI (return of investment) of your business.

Bottom line

Communications are getting more and more visual. Having a professional that can master the visual communication of your brand is an important investment for the success of the business.

A person who can use a design program is not a brand designer, such as a person who knows how to use excel is not an accountant. Always be sure of the aptitudes of the person you will hire to  be in charge of the communication of your business, it can be the key to your success or the opposite.

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