6 UX Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Dec 1, 2022Martín Etchegoyen

If you make UX mistakes, the consequence is quite straightforward. There will be low conversion on the site. Therefore, it is highly recommendable to analyze the site and look for UX mistakes. Based on this analysis, you can build the correct hypotheses of user behavior on the site’s pages. Fundamentally, the search for UX mistakes is based on data, such as heatmaps, scrolling depth, moving the mouse cursor, and recording video sessions. First, of course, you need to see the bounce rate in the Google Analytics report and other metrics

UX is the overall impression a user gets during and after the interaction with a product. The main goal of UX is to help users to meet their needs as promptly as possible. User experience is based on a UI component but is not limited to it. It is influenced by resource download speed, navigation, and interface ease of use. If to refer to the mentioned analogy with guitars, UX is the placement and number of strings, the form of a guitar body, the height of saddles, and the number of frets.

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When we are preparing the marketing strategy, all we think of is what the user is going to appreciate the most; the same thing is applicable to design as well. When you come up with a design that is not well-researched, your creativity put in work is not going to take care of further things for a good long time, and this is where you realize the importance of the well-researched design. User experience is what everything is being revolved around. But here are a few cliched mistakes every designer tends to make sometimes and amend.

6 Avoidable UX Mistakes

In this section, we will present the UX mistakes that you should be thinking of avoiding.

1. Autoplay videos

Autoplay videos are one of the most annoying UX design mistakes a designer can do. Just imagine, you are deeply absorbed in binging something, and all of a sudden you get to see some annoying stuff and you cannot even skip it. Avoid it. As a designer, you have got to think like a user first, should not the user be given an option of skipping it? All we mean is that what is the meaning of infuriating a user in the middle of his indulgence, of course, unless he wants to see it, for which there should always be an option of skipping the video.

2. Complex navigation

All that is beautiful to look at is sometimes not good at its functionality. You might have come across applications or websites that are brilliantly designed but are not functionally sound. If your website does not have proper navigation then the user is not going to stand up to your expectations for sure.

A properly functional website or application escalates the chances of taking a user to CTA whereas improper navigation does vice-versa. All you got to do is to keep the user’s usability in mind and try to make it as much simple as you can. The simpler the navigation, the better the results will be.

UX Mistakes

3. Too much usage of pop-ups

We cannot deny the fact that popups are one of the great options to drive traffic on the website for digital marketers. Nevertheless, Google published a soft warning that web pages with pop-ups could leave an adverse impact on the website’s search rankings. Google took these strict actions for all those websites that had visually concealed their content with a pop-up. These updates are meant to get better on the mobile search experiences, and users can easily get the content without annoying pop-ups.

4. Unmatched fonts selection

Typography is one of the most important elements of a good UX design, if you are not optimizing typography, then you are probably getting your hands off the potential customers. Good typography ensures the readability, accessibility, and usability of the user. Designers always end up being confused between a fancy and readable font, in such cases, they always opt for the latter one.

Even though fancy fonts are pleasing to the eye, the same thing is not bound to apply to everyone whereas readability assures you that the user is not going to face any issues with the font selection.

5. Desynchronization between content and design

Feeding your webpage or application with loads of content or design and presenting it to your users is not recommendable.  It would be so unfortunate for the users to see it. A good design makes the best use of negative space. It is not required to fill the space with content or design, it will only boost the bounce rate and nothing else.

It is pretty imperative to leave enough space between components to emphasize every element of the design and let it serve its purpose. Taking care of this minor UX design mistake can help you create a design that attracts users in one go and on top of it, connects with them.

6. Ignoring the importance of content

Words give your design the expression that you would want your audience to see and understand the core of your business. Never undervalue the importance of content, without content the design is just a combination of colors and layouts that leave nothing but ambiguity in the mind of your users. When content and design complement each other, that is when you successfully start to walk on the path of UX design that leaves a standard.

There is only one mantra to have a great impression on users, which is that all your business strategies should be offering great value to your customers. If you are not working for yourself, neither are you working to be in the eye of search engines, you are working for your customers. So, you need to make sure that every step that you are carrying is offering value to your customers in its way.


If you want to become a top-quality designer, here are some UX mistakes that along the way you will probably commit. To not do so, this blog provides you with the information so you do not need to make them.

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