5 Things Your UX Designer Wants You To Know

Dec 22, 2021Mikenzi Ross

Creating effective UX design is complex but never complicated. Creativity, strategy, and discipline culminate in user experiences that can forever change the technological landscape.

But if UX design misses the mark, it can have a far-reaching impact on your users—and your revenue goals. The good news is, creating successful user experiences doesn’t have to be a game of chance.

Research, empathy, strategy, testing, and creative problem-solving build great UX (hence the “complex but not complicated” sentiment.) One of the most critical elements of great UX is clear communication between the client and their UX designer.

While your team may not know much about UX and UI design, we’ve got some info that’ll give your startup a significant advantage. Check out five secrets that your UX Designer wants you to know, and how to use these tips to make product development easier and more effective.

Number 1: You’re the expert in your product

UX designers are the experts in creating unique and engaging user experiences that meet your target customer’s needs.


You are the expert in your specific product and your audience.

A successful working relationship with your designer relies on your input is critical regarding...

  • The kind of product you want to create
  • The impact you want your product to make
  • The way you want to connect with your users

Don’t underestimate the value of your insight. Share your expertise with your design team throughout the creative process—they want to hear from you.

Number 2: Simple is better

It can be easy to get excited about shiny features and visuals, but the most successful brands understand that simplicity beats complexity every time. Of course, you want to give users an unforgettable experience using your app, but you need to ensure it’s for the right reasons.

When it comes to app user retention, not all publicity is good publicity. For example, if people think your app is cumbersome to use, they’ll let other people know that.

Sure, most people would assume that more choices equal a better app experience… but that’s not the case when it comes to effective UX design. Above all, products must be easy for your customers to understand and operate in order to succeed.

Plus, since most products are either entirely or partially on mobile devices, your startup must thoroughly consider this hand-held environment. Even if something looks and feels easy to use on a desktop, it can be a complete nightmare on mobile when not appropriately translated.

Your UX designer will help you develop a 5-star app, but don’t feel discouraged if they strip things down.

Simplification fuels optimization and allows you to magnify the elements that matter most.

Number 3: The user should be the focus of everything

While this is your product, you’re designing it for someone else—a specific person with a specific problem, and a specific need. Therefore, the user must drive every design decision, even when those decisions don’t align with everything on your wishlist.

If the user isn’t your number one priority, your design efforts will be for naught. At the end of the day, users won’t stick with an app if it doesn’t serve their needs.

Number 4: UX and UI are very different design strategies

UX design and UI design are two different design disciplines, but people often (and incorrectly) use the terms interchangeably.

  • UX designers build the bones and structure of the app, ensuring all internal components work together to guide users through an accessible and engaging navigation experience.
  • UI designers handle the overall appearance of the app. They make design decisions around color, fonts, and layout that enhance user clarity and engagement.

While a great product requires both, it’s essential that you recognize the differences between UX design and UI design.

Number 5: Testing & feedback are fundamental

Perfect doesn’t exist, but the only way to get close is through testing, receiving feedback, and making changes accordingly. So, be prepared for your app to go through stages of testing and retesting before it’s completely ready for release. Good things take time.

UX is an ever-evolving process, and there’s no such thing as a “finished” project. Throughout the life of your products, new trends, strategies, and technological innovation will force your brand to adapt.

Get comfortable with experimentation and treat every user test as crucial insight into how to better connect with your audience.

Look at you—in the know and ready to go!

Arming your team with these five important UX design concepts will ensure that every product you develop has the best chance of succeeding. There is so much more to effective design than just eye-catching visuals, innovative features, and pushing the limits of what technology can do.

All of those things are awesome (after all, who doesn’t like shiny stuff), but the core of good UX design is simplicity, which can easily get overlooked.

But now you’re one step ahead because you know what the best designers know:

  • The human using an app is the top priority
  • The client’s expertise in their product/brand is invaluable
  • And clarity is the best feature that an app can provide

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