3 Strategies for Getting Started as a UX Freelancer

Sep 29, 2022Adam Lamin

How to Become a UX Freelancer

With companies across multiple industries focused on making their websites and apps easy to use, UX designers are in high demand.

In this article, we'll explore three proven strategies to kickstart your career as a UX designer. Additionally, we'll delve into the essential skills you need to master and highlight some of the perks that come with the job.

The Popularity of Freelance UX Design

We live in a digital era where everything happens online. From shopping to learning and working, we rely on various apps and platforms daily. In this sense, user experience plays a pivotal role in addressing the challenges encountered by digital products.

Starting to work as a freelancer is an excellent opportunity to build a quality UX design portfolio. It also offers a variety of benefits, from a flexible work schedule to the possibility of becoming a digital nomad and working remotely from all over the world.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Good UX Freelancer?

To succeed as a freelance UX designer, having a solid strategy and the right skill set is essential. Key components to stand out in this competitive field are continuous learning, networking, and a strong portfolio.

Now let’s delve into the specifics!

Graphic Design

Appealing visual communication enhances the overall user experience, capturing their attention and making the interface more engaging.

It offers consistency in colors, fonts, and visual elements across a digital product following a company's brand identity while ensuring clarity and readability.

Project Management

Organizing and prioritizing tasks becomes crucial for success as your workload grows with more projects.

Effective project management skills and software are essential tools that enable UX designers to juggle multiple clients and projects seamlessly while avoiding missed deadlines.

Software Design

Learning software design principles enables you to translate user needs into functional and intuitive digital interfaces while also helping you to collaborate effectively with developers.

You'll learn a bit of their language, ultimately improving the product development process.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture structures and organizes content in a way that enhances user navigation and comprehension.

This skill will allow you to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces by prioritizing and categorizing information effectively.


Wireframing is the process of creating a visual basic structure of a digital product, such as a website or mobile app.

You'll be able to show your clients what a screen will look like, including layout and functionality. This ensures that the product meets user needs and business goals effectively.

Steps to Becoming a Freelance UX Designer

A career in UX design services is far from linear; it's an ever-evolving journey. We recommend adopting three simple strategies as your initial steps toward becoming a seasoned UX professional.

Ready to learn more about them?

1. Learning UX Skills

There are different ways to learn or develop a new skill. Self-teaching is one option, especially with the abundance of cost-effective online resources available. From instructional videos to free courses, it's entirely possible to learn how to create wireframes and prototypes using programs like Figma.

Another option is formal learning through certified courses, such as the Google UX Design Certification course, which offers step-by-step guidance.

Lastly, enrolling in a boot camp can be highly efficient. These programs typically last about three months and provide valuable hands-on experience, equipping you with your first real-world projects.

2. Create a UX Design Portfolio

A detailed and diverse portfolio can be your ticket to securing your next UX job. It's your opportunity to showcase your skills to future employers, demonstrating your ability to apply both theory and practice in your design process.

Many courses culminate in the creation of your first UX design project specifically for your portfolio. Keep this in mind when choosing a certification.

You can also get some actionable ideas to kickstart your UX design journey in our previous article.

3. Building a Strong Network

Getting to know professionals in the field can enhance your knowledge and lead to valuable recommendations for your next job.

Attend events, join online UX challenges, and generally engage with the UX design community to show them your commitment.

Pros of Being a Freelance UX Designer

Working as a freelancer comes with attractive benefits for those who embrace flexibility and independence. Let’s learn more about these advantages:

Time Flexibility

Choose your working hours and get more control over your personal life. You will be able to schedule your meetings when convenient and can do most of your work asynchronously.

Location Independence

Turn any place into your office for the day. You can work while you travel or get inspired in a cozy cafe. Your options are endless and whenever you feel like you miss the office environment, coworking spaces are a great option.

Diverse Projects

Initially, you may not be able to get picky with your clients, but as you gain experience, you can start becoming more selective and only accept more challenging projects.

This not only allows you to work in different fields but also expands your knowledge and career path.

Cons of Being a Freelance UX Designer

Like most things, freelance life has its challenges. While it offers freedom, it also comes with its own set of responsibilities and uncertainties. Are you willing to put of with them?

Lack of Job Security

As a freelancer, you won’t be getting a stable income and therefore will need to create a system that works for your finances, considering the number of clients you need to work with to make ends meet.

Client Acquisition

Building your online presence and networking are key elements for attracting new clients. People need to know where to find you, while you also actively seek job opportunities on freelance platforms.

Handling Administrative Tasks

From taxes to health insurance and retirement plans, being your boss means you take care of everything… literally. Keep your administrative tasks and payments organized.

Where Can I Find Jobs as a UX Freelancer?

Developing your personal brand takes time and dedication. Work on initial projects that showcase your creativity and problem-solving abilities to potential employers or clients.

Have a project in mind? Contact us and let’s build something awesome together! We’re a group of passionate professionals who welcome different perspectives and ideas with open arms.

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