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The Design project was commissioned to build a new and innovative product from scratch. SuperAdLibrary would help marketers, designers, and founders create better ads by providing instant inspiration and AI-powered insights.

TDP built a tool that could change the marketing industry forever

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Customer challenge

SAL helps users track their competitors on Facebook, Linkedin, and more—automatically delivering AI-powered insights to help develop more effective ad campaigns.

About the challenge

SuperAdLibrary was a great idea—but needed the tools and expertise to bring it to life. We wanted to create better ads that resonated with target audiences and increased sales, track competitor strategies and performance and, stay relevant and look for gaps in competitor campaigns

  • Plan



We would create this new product while only using pre-existing resources at our disposal. Our startup-specific processes meant we could get SAL up-and-running quickly —setting a new standard in market research that would attract target customers.

Save hours of research.

No more manual competitor research because SuperAdLibrary generates AI-powered insights automatically

Keep track. Get notified.

Users are notified immediately when competitors launch a new campaign or stop using a creative

Improve your ads.

Users recieve relevant and effective inspiration that helps them outperform their competitors


Starting as a simple PDF sent to someone’s email inbox, we applied user feedback to transform the MVP into an intuitive and actionable AI-powered report that marketers look forward to receiving each week. We worked in three phases. Phase 1 consisted of research: we wanted to design a product that solved a real problem for marketers in every industry—and solving problems always begins with research. Afterward, we interviewed designers and vendors—even created testing opportunities that allowed us to study how some of our ideas worked in practice. Finally, this data helped us build a powerful tool while chipping away at anything that slowed down the user experience… and the product finally launched to early-access users.

TDP built a tool that could change the marketing industry forever

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