A predictive analytics platform for consumers digital identity verification


Socure is a predictive analytics platform that applies artificial intelligence and machine-learning to verify that people are, in fact, who they say they are when applying for various accounts.

Socure wanted to redesign their consumer facing mobile application on iOS, Android, and Web. Their users were not able to get through the full experience because the UX was confusing and impacted their conversion rates.

We need an app that is simple and clear to help our users go through the steps it takes to verify their identity in under 4 minutes.

Before TDP

After TDP


An app for banks and unbanked consumers

Socure is designed for banks to be able to quickly verify consumers' identity. Users simply take a picture of their ID and a selfie. Socure matches the selfie against the headshot of the ID to verify that the person in possesion is the person on the ID in minutes.

Identity verification in less than 4 minutes

We focused on designing a simple, fool-proof process that felt trustworthy and safe. As users get more privacy conscious—we are with them every step of the way to explain what we are doing and why.

Show vs Tell

Because our users are such a wide group of people we wanted to make sure that the app was accessible to everyone. We decided that having animated SVGs would help understand what we are doing instead of using text as the only way to communicate.


Socure raised $100-million after our redesign

Socure raised $100 million series D after our redesign, confirming the need for a simplified idenity verification method. This will allow Socure to move into other markets such as online gaming, healthcare, telco, e-commerce, and on-demand services.


"TDP helped identify the main pain points and designed a new UX that is accessible and easy to understand. The redesign pushed us forward on our mission to be able to verify 100% of IDs in real-time, and we raised over $100M in funding."

Erick Desoto

VP, Identity Products at Socure

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