Purespectrum Insights

The survey creation platform that gives you high-quality respondants from all over the world


Purespectrum Insights wanted to display their Question tile view in a more user-friendly and intuitive way. They knew a UI redesign was exactly what they needed, but what they didn’t know was… TDP would not only provide them with a redesign that exceeded their expectations—but also enhance the UX experience overall in just 3 weeks.

TDP enhanced the UI and UX experience with their redesign in just 3 weeks



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Customer challenge

PureSpectrum provides an end-to-end market research and insights platform that curates high-quality survey participants from leading panel sources.

About the challenge

Purespectrum was looking for a way to enhance the UI to be simpler and cleaner. They wanted to have a redesign with a more fluid and pleasant UX.

  • Location

    Westlake Village, California

  • Plan



PureSpectrum needed a handoff-ready file that developers could implement in just a few weeks. Our team adapted quickly to PureSpectrum’s workflow thanks to TDP-specific design processes—and our experts even discovered a way to enhance their UX. With this new strategy, PureSpectrum could reach their goal of providing users with riveting user experience—even faster.

We’re fast and efficient

TDP’s quick turnaround helped Purespectrum deliver a hand-off file to their dev team in just 3 weeks.

Improve clarity and consistency

TDP helped Purespectrum clean up their platform by prioritizing the right information and simplifying the user experience.

We adapt and enhance

Our dedicated designer quickly adapted to PureSpectrum’s internal processes, enabling them to work with speed and efficacy.


With an improved UI and UX, PureSpectrum implemented their new Question Tile view in just 3 weeks. The Design Project’s speed helped PureSpectrum better support their users, and maintain a fast and efficient workflow that never suffered from bottlenecks or ball-drops. The Design project thrives on processes that allow us to take the ball and run with it. We know how to lead projects—meaning we never need hand-holding, and we’re always on schedule. If you’re ready to reimagine your UX strategy, and design a product that keeps users coming back for more…

TDP recreated a powerful and intuitive UI and UX in just 3 weeks—ensuring PureSpectrum could serve their users better than ever before

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