OXIO Design System

Design System for a white-label product


TDP helped OXIO’s design team save 30 hours per month—ensuring growth never came at the cost of product stability again.

The TDP design system helped OXIO scale more efficiently by making the product development process faster and more consistent.



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Customer challenge

OXIO is the first telecom-as-a-service (TAAS) platform for brands and enterprises that deconstructs(un-bundles) mobile telecom infrastructure.
 - Raised * $60M - Top investor: Ascend Venture Capital and Allan Green

About the challenge

OXIO missed deadlines and wasted resources due to unopimized processes. Also, they had numerous inefficiencies that waste resources on a white-label support and management. They had poorly optimized processes having the biggest negative impact on revenue.

  • Location

    New York, Mexico City and Montreal

  • Plan


  • Investors



The Design Project has worked on many consumer-facing apps, and developed carefully curated strategies to create successful products that prioritize the human user. With our tools, team, and proven processes, OXIO could rest easy with TDP on their side.

Design Scalability

Help OXIO scale and increase the quality of their original design

Create long-term solutions

Solve long-term problems by developing a personalized Design System for white label products

Improve app design

Redesigning the UI components library to maximize efficiency and user-friendliness


The TDP design system helped OXIO scale more efficiently by making the product development process faster, more consistent, and increasing the quality of final results. Our collaboration began by defining a small, obtainable goal that let us validate solutions via experimentation before implementation. Integrating our colour token system allowed OXIO to easily rebrand apps by switching the colour values on the API. This data-backed strategy made the design process 5x times faster, produced better results—and ensured improved accessibility for all.

800% faster than before = the OXIO design team saving over 30 hours a month!

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