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Executive Summary

Noogata strived to place AI data analytics into the hands of enterprise companies with limited to no coding expertise. This powerful citizen data analytics platform recognized they didn’t have a well-optimized user platform, and thus came to The Design Project for help.

Noogata wanted a clearer, more user-friendly experience for users that mitigated the strain on their customer service team.

With those goals in mind, The Design Project revamped the platform to center on the distinct needs and workflows of Noogata’s customers.

TDP’s unique design process resulted in happier customers and improved productivity throughout Noogata’s team.

When customers struggle to find what they need, their love of a product can fade.



What is Noogata?

What is Noogata?

If the citizen data analytic’s platform, Noogata, had a superpower… it would be AI. With a mission to help organizations harness the power of AI without needing to code, their customers can track and transform data into actionable strategies that increase growth and revenue.

• Founded in 2019, and winning over key investors like Team 8 and Skylake • 2 Rounds of $12M Seed Funding (as of March 2021) • Integrates with powerful platforms like Hubspot, Snowflake, Salesforce, Stripe, and many more

Noogata’s problem? Their customers were confused and their resources spread too thin

Interacting with complex data analytics gets overwhelmingly complicated—fast. While Noogata’s AI data tool was making their customers’ lives easier, the platform wasn’t user-focused. This meant that Noogata customers struggled with a confusing and cumbersome clickstream while trying to find the information they needed.

This lack of UI and UX clarity meant the Noogata team managed most of the day-to-day functions for their clients. Seeing the major impact this had on manpower resources, they wanted to make it easier for customers to take control.

Being that much of Noogata’s resources were invested in managing customer accounts, it distracted from the other aspects of Noogata’s growth strategy.

If they could redesign their platform to be easier and clearer to navigate, they could lower customer service time and improve customer experience.

But how would they do that?

TDP’s human-centered approach was the answer

The Design Project honed in on all interactions within the Noogata platform, ensuring every dot was connected in a seamless and effective navigation experience. Being that TDP’s customer experience and UX processes were developed specifically for ease of use, Noogata saw them as the obvious choice for optimizing their own platform.

Noogata’s original interface design was built by their internal dev team, but lacked any dedicated designers with specialization in functionality and interface.

Happier customer + higher internal productivity = $12M Seed Funding in 2021


With the implementation of TDP’s carefully crafted UX strategies—and Noogata’s internal expertise about their product—customers now access, manage and interpret data faster and easier than ever before.

Here’s what the TDP secret formula helped Noogata accomplish: • Vastly enhanced user experiences for their customers • Decreased demands on their customer service team • Improved user retention • 2nd round of seed funding

This critical evolution of the Noogata platform not only improved the lives of their users and internal team, but lead to a second round of seed funding totaling $12M in March of 2021!

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