JupiterOne automates security reporting and analysis, with dozens of managed integrations and apps


JupiterOne helps businesses simplify cybersecurity and maintain compliance standards. They want their users’ experience to be fun and unique. Security analysts should use JupiterOne because they want to and they enjoy it—not because they have to.

JupiterOne recognized a need for a complete rehaul of the long and complicated sign up and onboarding process they used. TDP was challenged to make it a fun, game-like experience.

We don’t want to offer another boring and complicated onboarding experience. Let’s make it fun!

Before TDP

After TDP


Great UX for security professionals

Security professionals using JupiterOne may be tech savvy, but that doesn’t mean they should spend all day on a boring or plain product. That's why we decided to build a delightful experience for them—without compromising on their sophisticated needs.

A delightful onboarding experience

TDP designed an onboarding solution that included several journeys and paths that the user could take, depending on how thoroughly they prefer to set up their accounts and how sophisticated their business is.

Show vs Tell

The new JupiterOne onboarding experience includes an interactive map. Users are going through the map and "Astrid the Astronaut"—JupiterOne's mascot—is there to help make the process easier.


Increased conversion rate and $30M series B round

After implementing the new onboarding design JupiterOne increased their signup conversion rate by 58% and they raised a $30M series B round.


"We wanted to deliver something more than your average, boring onboarding experience. Cybersecurity is complex, but we wanted to deliver something fun and new. The Design Project was able to bring this gamified vision to life in a profoundly simple, fun way."

Erkang Zheng

CEO and Founder at JupiterOne

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