Digital Green

An app to build sustainable rice farming knowledge and practices for paddy farmers in India


Digital Green creates digital solutions for rural communities around the world. With TDP, they build technology with the community and for the community.

Digital Green identified an opportunity for both rice farmers and the earth to benefit: building technology to encourage and monitor sustainability practices. They came to TDP to co-create an app for farmers to meet this goals.

How might we show farmers the benefits of sustainable rice farming practices?

Before TDP

After TDP


Promoting sustainability in rural India

Indian rice farmers who use the app have recently adopted sustainable agriculture practices to save water, fertilizer and labour. They are future-oriented, value family and community, prefer to minimize risk but are open to trying new things and eager to learn. With the app they can learn how to increase their yield, be sustainable and earn certifications.

An app for people with limited tech resources

TDP designed a product for Digital Green that is culturally appropriate and relevant, usable for individuals with any level of familiarity with technology. This solution included a way to map their rice field, answer prompts about current practices, and learn about sustainability as it relates to rice farming.

Show vs Tell

We created a badge system for each area of sustainability. Farmers can answer easy and timely prompts and advance their progress towards earning these badges.


Testing the MVP

Digital Green plans to launch the MVP this season and we will be looking forward to seeing the positive effects on both the earth, and the wellbeing of the farmers.

Client/Digital Green

"TDP drove design and prototype development. Their thoughtful approach, penetrating questions and tight project management enabled us to work seamlessly across timezones and design products for a really unique user persona."

Ashu Sikri

Product Strategist at Digital Green

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