Big Health

Digital therapeutics and mental health


Big Health wanted to help people improve their sleeping habits by renovating their Sleepio app to be more user-friendly. Specifically, they wanted to encourage users to complete daily sleep diaries, which could help improve remission rates for those struggling with sleep issues.

TDP made Big Health’s dream come true by increasing their Sleepio app engagement by 10%

Before and After

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Customer challenge

A digital therapeutics company operating a healthcare portal with behavioral programs to help users cope with mental health issues. - Raised $75M in Series C - Top investor: Softbank

About the challenge

Sleepio is a digital therapy for insomnia by Big Health.

76% of patients saw an improvement in their sleep after 6 weeks of using the app—but Big Health believed the percentage of successful users would increase if sleep diary entry engagement increases over a 6-week period (or until the user reached remission from their insomnia.)

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    San Francisco, USA

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Big Health reached out to The Design Project because of our experience developing consumer-facing apps that prioritize an easy-to-use and engaging UX. With proven product design processes that put the human first, Big Health knew TDP could help them create a tool that compelled users to take control of their sleep health more consistently.

Intuative Questionnaire

We wanted to make filling out the sleep diary feel easier, more rewarding—and even fun. We improved flows with multiple choice questionnaires using prefilled answers to help make the process faster and easier

Innovative data dashboard

Big Health needed a way to display data and results clearly so the user better understood why completing the diary entry each day was so important

Increased personalization

We made sure that the UI conveyed a fun, fully branded experience that made users feel rewarded and excited about coming back to the app every day


83% of users participating in the user test completed the newly-designed questionnaire because it was more user-friendly and engaging. This meant the Sleepio app received a 10/10 NPS (Net Promoter Score) rating for questionnaire completion—which meant users were more likely to recommend Big Health to others. Enhanced with an intuitive new UI, this increased engagement helps solidify Big Health’s commitment to helping users improve their well-being—which means user growth is sure to follow.

9/10 Sleepio users would now recommend the app to others after the TDP redesign