Scheduling app for the US Air Force


The challenge consisted of building a scheduling app for the US Air Force that uses machine learning to organize pilot flight training schedules

Anno.Ai secured a contract with the US Air Force after TDP built their scheduling app

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Customer challenge

Anno.Ai employs cutting-edge tech that automates and streamlines mission operations. The core platform provides organizations with a flexible automation process to build and maintain scalable ML-first (machine learning) applications.

About the challenge wanted to build a pixel-perfect prototype to present to their customer (the U.S. Air Force) to get buy-in and feedback quickly. TDP helped them to design an intuitive scheduling app for the US Airforce from scratch.

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TDP has previous experience working with tech companies and helping companies approach institutional investment funds. We quickly pick up the project brief and jump into the design – test – build iteration loop. TDP helped create some of the most important and core features of the software as well as a custom dark ui kit based on MUI framework.


What happened to Anno.Ai after The Design Project built their Air Force-focused scheduling app? Thanks to TDP’s unique processes, was able to achieve a powerful, intuitive, and organized MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

The product functioned so effectively that secured a contract with the United States AirForce!

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